6 Simple and easy Workout Plans for Rapid Weight Loss

Dreaming about losing some weight? Well, dream no more because an easy workout plan is on your way. With the help of right beginner friendly workout plan and proper diet, you can step towards a healthy lifestyle.

This workout plan will help you lose fat in just a few weeks.

Strong commitment and sticking up with this workout plan will change your life in remarkable ways.

The main goal of this Weight loss workout plan is not only to lose fat but to entirely transform your lifestyle in a healthy way.

Below is a list of workout plan which will help you in this journey of weight loss.

  1. Walking, a Simple but Beneficial Exercise

Walking is the best exercise to begin this plan, it is simple and easy to perform.

There is no need for an expensive equipment to perform this exercise. On a side note, prefer to choose activities that are perfect for your schedule, don’t try to burden yourself. On your first day of walking, walk at moderate speed for 20-30 minutes.

Walking has a relaxing effect on your body and mind whenever you are stressed.

Walking should be a part of your workout routine as a beginner.

When you get comfortable with this routine, add a bike ride instead of walking or swimming. You can add more steps in your day-to-day walking routine by taking stairs instead of the elevator and taking a few steps after lunch.

Tips for Walking

  • Choose comfortable shoes.
  • Walk swiftly and swing your arms while walking.
  • Walk backward because it can help your injured knees to recover.
  • Keep yourself hydrated while walking.

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  1. Jogging for flushing fat from the system

Jogging and running is the best option for burning calories.

Both of these exercises are different from one another. In jogging the speed is usually between 4-6 mph, and when you run, speed is more than six mph.

Running and jogging together can help you to get rid of belly fat fast.

Jogging and running cuts the fat from your internal organs, furthermore it helps you to burn visceral fat, a type of fat that promotes diabetes and heart disease.

Tips for Jogging

  • Warm-up before jogging. Because when you jog your muscle contracts and relax. If you won’t warm-up before exercise, then you can get cramps.
  • Make a plan or set a goal before you jog. Challenge yourself with a target.
  • Take deep breaths and calm yourself before you jog.
  • Push your chest to avoid stress on your spine.
  • Stroll before you start to jog.

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  1. Pilates

Pilates is the best exercise for beginners.

It helps you to improve your strength, stability, elasticity, and endurance.

Pilates will be more beneficial when done with a healthy diet. Intake of fruits, legumes, dairy products, and juice will fulfill the need for carbs. Also, try to include fatty fish, eggs (Only egg white), and tofu in your diet as they are rich source of protein.

For this exercise, you will need a yoga mat.

All you need to do is, sit down with your knees bent and hold your ankles. After this, start the motion by slowly rolling backward and bringing along your knees.

Breathe in as you move back and breathe out as you go forward. Every single time when you progress forward, stop for a while and balance on your tail bone.

Tips for Pilates

  • For beginners, this can be difficult to do but not impossible. At first, find yourself an excellent trainer.
  • Keep your body calm and think positively.
  • Regularly perform Pilates and be patient for the results.
  • Be attentive and with discipline perform this exercise.

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  1. Yoga

Although yoga is not an aerobic exercise, a few types of yoga are useful for burning calories and gradually helpful in losing weight. Concentrated styles of yoga will burn your calories. Yoga styles like Hatha, Vinyasa, Iyengar, Kapalbhati Pranayam and Bikram are extremely helpful and gives fast results.

Hatha yoga is a combination of asana, pranayama, and meditation. This type of yoga is quite beneficial for beginners since it helps you to meditate. Vinyasa, Iyengar, and Bikram strengthen your flexibility and balance of the body. Last but not least, kapalbhati Pranayam helps to strengthen the core. These types of yoga are suitable for all ages.

Tips for performing yoga        

  • Get advice from an expert.
  • Purchase a comfortable sticky mat.
  • Wear warm clothes during yoga.
  • Start yoga, along with a healthy diet plan.

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  1. Burpees

This exercise is beneficial for your chest, shoulders, triceps, and quads.

To perform this exercise, first stand-up with your feet distance apart. Move your hips backward as you move your body downwards towards the ground.

After this step, move your hands outside of your feet and hop. While hopping, move your feet backward, allowing your chest to touch the floor. To lift your body, push your hands against the floor. This exercise is a little tough to do, but it is quite useful for burning calories.

Tips for Performing Burpees

  • Do not stop in the middle of your reps.
  • If you want to rest, hit your leg first on the ground before your hands. When we learn to burpee, we know that our hands touch the field, before we jump back on our feet. Once you know how to do it, you can shoot with your feet before your hands land.
  • Breathe and stay calm.
  • Try to perform this correctly once you have understood every step of this exercise.

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  1. Medicine Ball Burpees

If you add a medicine ball in your burpee exercise, then it will boost your metabolic activity as well as a perfect addition in your exercise routine.

For this exercise, the procedure is somehow similar to the burpee. You have to stand with your feet shoulder-distance apart.

Then hold a medicine ball with both hands, next, raise the ball upwards and then knock the ball down.

Bend your knees as you flip over. Put your hands on the ground and jump back into a high-plank point. After this, keep your body straight. Then squat and pick up a medicine ball and press it overhead and stand straight.

Tips for Medicine Ball Exercise

  • Other than this exercise, you can also perform easier once like chest pass, squat and throw, slams, etc.
  • Keep yourself hydrated.
  • Seek a trainer to learn this exercise properly.
  • Seek a healthy diet along with this exercise.

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Keep Yourself Motivated for a Workout Routine

Now you know about the useful practice which can help you to lose weight.

But here the question arises, ‘How to keep yourself motivated for this new routine?’ For this, focus upon yourself and find yourself an open space or any place in which you feel comfortable.

Do not overthink about exercising or how it will make you tired. Focus on your goal.

Be patient, and wait for the fruitful result. Do not expect that you will immediately lose weight.

This process will take time, but trust me it’s purely a holistic approach for ultimate wellness. Throughout your weight loss journey, you will observe a positive change in your lifestyle, so stick to that positive change. And lastly don’t forget to set you’re a realistic goal for yourself.

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Before starting your workout routine, take a deep breath, and motivate yourself.

In the beginning, start with something simple and easy to follow. Feeling sick on your first days is extremely common, it happens to everyone. Try and stick to the plan.

These exercises are quite beneficial to burn your calories and will help you to lose weight.

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