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With us it’s all about taking a holistic approach to maintain Healthy Weight and Overall Wellness.

We at Fatlossplanner believe Health & Wellness comes by taking a holistic approach as health is about the entire body and also how you feel as an Individual.

Our constant effort is to eliminate jargons & provide you the helpful content in an easy to consume language and at the same time being warm.

Fatlossplanner primarily covers topics from Diet & Weight Management segment. Having said that we also branch out our content to various other topics from the Health & Wellness industry as well.

Our Editorial Process

Our editorial process starts with trust and ends with trust. Yes, that’s right we believe trust is the most valuable thing for us as it’s also the most expensive therefore we simply can’t afford to lose it.

Trust has to be earned therefore it’s important we walk you through our editorial process and talk more about how Fatlossplanner creates content..

We at Fatlossplanner focus on providing you the best possible information in a simple and easy to understand manner backed by accurate citations within the content. The citations provided within the articles go through stringent quality guidelines and are taken from credible sources post confirming the authenticity from multiple sources.

Our content is super focused on total well-being.

Our content review process

Fatlossplanner is committed to creating quality content by following the highest journalist standards. With our unbiased content and strict quality guidelines, we are confident about our overall content creation & review process. Any weight loss, diet & health (excluding general articles written by external authors) related content written at fatlossplanner blog is technically reviewed by an external doctor to stay compliant with the highest quality standards.

Our Writers

Fatlossplanner’s content is well researched, fact-checked, and reviewed by qualified writers (in case of in-house publishing). We try to cite credible sources wherever possible to make our content more credible and trustworthy.

We carefully assess all potential health and wellness writers and accept external posts only after thorough review and fact check.

Our Citations & Sources

We cite only credible resources after a thorough research as we rely on research by credible medical associations, government agencies & scientific references.

Our citations, references, research to credible sources can be found within the article OR bottom of article.

Our Mission

We want to be your most trusted resource for Diet, Health and Wellness information.

We Welcome your Feedback

We are determined and strive hard to provide the best possible experience along with maintaining quality & credibility. At the same time there is always a scope for improvement and something better. We welcome your feedback as we constantly strive for the best.

Feel free to use our Contact Us page to share feedback on any matter.

Privacy Policy

Fatlossplanner strictly values the privacy of our readers & Customers. At any time our readers can request for information regardless of the geographical location.

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We truly respect the Intellectual property of others and strongly support the idea of protecting it by adopting fair policies towards copyright infringement in accordance with the Digital Millennium copyright Act (“DMCA”).

We fully support author’s creative rights by Investigating and removing content that infringe an authors copyright through our DMCA process.

Please refer our DMCA page for more information.

Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions outline the rules and regulations for the use of Fatlossplanner Website, located at https://fatlossplanner.com

By accessing this website we assume you accept these terms and conditions. Do not continue to use Fatlossplanner.Com if you do not agree to take all of the terms and conditions stated on this page.

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Any content written by authors at Fatlossplanner is only for informational purpose and is strictly not intended to be should not be considered an alternative or substitute for professional medical advice.

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