About Us

Our Approach

Weight Loss industry is full of Myths and misconception and also misguided upto some extent.

This site’s intention is to clear the jargons and make weight loss an easy and hassle free process with simple and easy to follow instructions.

FatlossPlanner.com has been started in the year 2017 with a clear objective and vision of kicking the obesity out of life. It is believed that nearly 38% people worldwide is affected with weight issues.

My Story

The Idea to start this site came up because of incident that had happened to me when I lost my dad due to heart attack. Further doing research I found that there are thousands dying daily due to heart and obesity related ailments and therefore this site wants to help as many individuals as possible.

The problem is people die due to such ailments is because of lack of knowledge and motivation. This is where fatlossplanner.com wants to play a crucial role in bridging this gap.

Meet the Team

We have dedicated team who work round the clock to bring nice, consumable and authentic content. FatlossPlanner.com is an independent site with independent contributors thereby it gives us more options to find more contents.