13 Infused Water Recipes that Melts Belly Fat like Crazy

Drinking Infused water is an excellent strategy to keep the electrolyte levels up, quench the thirst and keeping you hydrated.

Infused water is a hot topic these days, we see many individuals trying different things to stay in shape and one of the strategy to lose weight is to implement Infused Detox water in daily diet.

So what exactly is Infused Detox Water?

Infused Detox water is a combination of fresh fruits infused in water for long duration. Having said that it does not necessarily mean it only needs to have fruits in in it. You may also choose to include vegetable like cucumber to make your infused water at home. You may also choose to include ayurvedic herbs as well.

It’s recommended that in order to stay healthy an average individual should drink around 8 glasses of water a day.

But not everyone enjoy it and resort to cold drinks and other sugary drinks, which simply add calories and does not have any goodness in it.

Instead of sugary drink you will do much better if you drink a glass of fresh juice. Having said that, infused water has its own significance when it comes to losing weight and burning belly fat.

Including infused water in your diet will not only enhance your overall health but also make 8 glasses of water consumption a joy due to its pleasing taste.

Furthermore, all the goodness of fruits will mix with water, due to this the water becomes alkaline and loaded with electrolytes.

Consumption of Detox water daily keeps you hydrated, removes toxins and boosts metabolism.

Here are some of the top Infused water recipes that will help you to burn belly fat and lose weight in an efficient way.

13 Infused Water Recipes for detox and reducing belly Fat

1.) Cucumber, Mint and Lemon

I know you may have heard about lemons a lot before, but when and infused water is made using these 3 ingredients the results can be amazing if one stays consistent.

To make this drink you simply need to follow the below steps.

  • Peel off an Organic cucumber and cut it into slices.
  • Cut the lemon into slices including the peels
  • 8 to 10 mint leaves
  • Half a gallon water

Once you have the above ingredients ready, pour the water in Pitcher (Glass jar) and put all the above ingredients in it.

Mix is gently and put it in the refrigerator for 4 hours.

Your awesome fat burning infused water is ready.

2.) Apple Water

As the names suggests, making this drink is really simple. All you need to make this drink is one single apple.

Here’s how you can make this super drink.

  • Wash the apples thoroughly
  • Cut the Apples into pieces
  • Remove the seeds
  • Put the apples in the pitcher
  • Add half a gallon water in it.

Mix all the above ingredients in the pitcher, stir it gently and refrigerate it for 4-6 hours.

3.) Pineapple water

Pineapples contain large amount of Bromelain and is it known to reduce inflammation and speed up the weight loss process (1).

Sipping in Pineapple infused water is not only tasty but it also passes all the benefits of pineapple too.

To make this water you simply need:

  • One Pineapple
  • Half a gallon of water

Pour the water in pitcher and cut the pineapples into pieces and put it in the pitcher.

Mix it gently and put it in the refrigerator for 4 – 6 hours.

4.) Strawberry Cucumber, Mint Leaves

Cucumber water is extremely beneficial and refreshing. When you mix these three ingredients, it not only becomes tasty but it also gives you potent supply of potassium, Magnesium, Iron and other vital compounds.

Furthermore, this drink is an anti-inflammatory drink that helps you fight free radicals and keep the blood pressure in check.

Lastly, it enhances your digestion process and flush toxins from your body.

Here’s how you can make this powerful drink at home.

You will need below ingredients:

  • 3 Sliced Strawberries
  • 1 Peeled and sliced Cucumber
  • 8 mint leaves
  • Half a gallon water

Now simply add water in the pitcher, put all the above ingredients in it and mix it gently. Post which refrigerate it for 4 – 6 hours.

Consume this drink in one single day.

5.) Ginger, Lemon and Cucumber

Ginger contain tons of health benefits and since individuals have now started recognizing the benefits of ginger. Many have resorted to make use of ginger in multiple ways such as Ginger Tea, Ginger juice shots and infused water.

Consumption of ginger can keep common illnesses such as cough, cold, sneezing and sinusitis away. Furthermore, ginger is anti-microbial in nature which means it fights infection in your body too.

When all these benefits are combined with the other powerful fruits such as lemon and cucumber, it becomes a potent fat burner.

Now you will not lose weight in one single day but it’s the consistency that matters.

Here’s how you can make this powerful drink for detox and flat belly.

Ingredients needed are:

  • Half inch sliced or grated ginger
  • One peeled sliced Cucumber
  • One unpeeled lemon in sliced form
  • Half a gallon of water

Once you have these ingredients ready, simply follow the below steps.

  • Put all the above ingredients in a glass pitcher
  • Add half a gallon of water
  • Mix is gently and put it in the refrigerator

Drink this water throughout the day,

6.) Watermelon and Pineapple

This is another great tasting drink that simply pleases your taste buds and make you feel refreshed.

Watermelons are excellent for controlling diabetes and high blood pressure, especially due to the presence of important electrolytes like potassium and magnesium.

So when we combine two powerful fruits from our mother nature together it becomes a powerful fat cutter drink.

Here’s how you can make this water at home.

Ingredients needed are:

  • 100 grams sliced watermelons
  • Sliced Pineapples
  • Half a gallon water

Again the preparation is same as above, simply mix all gthe above ingredients, stir it well and refrigerate it.

7.) Blueberry and Orange

Blueberries are known for its high content of anti-oxidants, which has many health benefits such as.

  • Anti-Cancer
  • Prevention of DNA damage
  • Reduces cholesterol
  • Helps reducing blood pressure
  • Keeps you energized
  • Detoxifies your body
  • And many more…

Likewise Orange too makes an excellent fit for you if you are looking forward to munch in truckloads of anti-oxidants.

When these two fruits are combined and consumed as an Infused water it benefits you in many ways which may be visible in long run.

To make this drink, the protocol remains same. Cut the Blueberries and orange into slices and mix it with half a gallon water and store it in the refrigerator.

Make sure you finish the pitcher in one single day as it’s not good to store this for extremely long time.

8.) Mango and Mint

To make this drink you simply need two ingredients.

Mangoes are known to enhance the heart function, improve digestive health, Boost immunity and protect against certain types of cancer.

Furthermore, this is the most loved fruit in this planet, well that’s because it’s my favorite (Just joking).

Having said that mangoes are excellent for overall health.

Now If you are diabetic, your doctor may not recommend Mangoes but you can certainly have mango infused water without any issues.

Ingredients needed to make this drink are:

  • One sliced Mango
  • 8 mint leaves
  • Half a gallon water.

Simply mix all the above ingredients stir it gently and refrigerate it for 4 hours.

9.) Kiwi and Water Melon

This drink will give you a tropical blend as kiwis are strong in flavors.

Kiwi’s are loaded with Vitamin C, Vitmain K, Vitamin E, Potassium, folates and tons of anti-oxidants.

You can get all the goodness of kiwis even through infused water.

Watermelon and kiwis together makes an excellent fit as these two compliments each other because of its fat burning and detox properties.

To make this drink you simply need ne single Kiwi and 100 grams sliced water Melon.

Mix both into half a gallon water and refrigerate it for 4 hours.

Drink this throughout the day.

10.) Berries and Mint

In this drink you will need to mix different kinds of berries in water.

Ideally it’s a good choice to include three kinds of berries namely Blueberries, blackberries and Strawberry.

This drink packs powerful antioxidants to fight free radicals, reduce cholesterol and boosts the weight loss process.

Berries contain potent antioxidant known as anthocyanins that is helpful in reversing aging and keeping your memory sharp.

To make this drink simply slice all the berries and put it in the pitcher, add half a gallon water and you are done.

Make sure you don’t store it over night as it’s not good to store cut fruits overnight. Drink this water throughout the day every day for next 21 days to see visible results.

11.) Pear and Apple

Apples and Pears have this amazing ability to reduce cholesterol and cleanse your blood.

Apart from that they are well known to control diabetes, improve digestion, Detox your body and Fight free radicals.

Both pear and apple are alkalizing and is an excellent choice of food for those who wants to maintain the proper pH balance.

Consuming pear with apple infused in water helps to improve the taste of water, make water alkaline and helps to pass all the positive benefits that these fruit is known for.

To make this infused water at home simply cut the apples and pears into pieces and put it in the pitcher, pour half a gallon water and stir it.

Your powerful antioxidant rich water is ready. Store it in the refrigerator for about 5 hours and then start consuming this water throughout the day.

Don’t store this water overnight.

12.) Mango, Watermelon and Papaya

Just like its other counterparts, this combination is packed with powerful anti-oxidants and disease fighting abilities.

This drink is best of all the drink mentioned above as papaya in this drink adds a lot of value. In a sense that Papaya helps to clean your kidneys as it’s a healthy laxative. This also means it helps to cleanse your colon and boost your immunity.

Furthermore, these three fruits are packed with Vitamins, Minerals and essential anti-oxidants that helps to keep free radicals away and fights cancer.

To make this infused water, you will need below ingredients.

  • Half slice papaya
  • 100 grams Watermelon
  • One large sized mango
  • Half a gallon water

Simply mix all the above ingredients in a pitcher and stir it gently. Refrigerate it for 4 hours.

Do not keep this overnight, instead drink this throughout the day.

13.) Orange, Kiwi, mint and celery leaves

This water requires 4 ingredients but it’s again packed with the essential amino acids and anti-oxidants for maintaining healthy cellular function.

To make this drink you simply need to bring all the ingredients together and mix it with half a gallon water.

Store it in refrigerator and sip this water throughout the day.


No matter what recipe you choose for cutting the belly fat, you won’t lose an inch if you are not disciplined.

Certain things have to be done over a period of time to get the consistent results. You did not gain weight in one day so don’t expect to lose weight in one single day.

Be consistent and drop pounds after pounds.

I hope you have liked the infused water recipes for belly fat, feel free to comment below and share your experiences with Infused water recipes. Also, feel free to share your recipes below.

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