Why you should use Ajwain water for weight loss

In India Ajwain water is very commonly prescribed ayurvedic medication by Veds (Ayurvedic Doctors). Ajwain water has tons of benefits but in order to reap the real benefits discipline is the Key.

If you are planning to use Ajwain water for weight loss then you must consume it in a pattern and in a disciplined way. You can’t expect one dose of this ayurvedic water to correct years of abuse that the body went through.

This little seed not only benefits your stomach but also strengthens your immune system. This seed when soaked in water overnight and when consumed first thing in the morning will cut the fat two folds. Fat melting process is triggered by boosting the metabolism.

Additionally it keeps your gut happy by aiding the digestion process.

How to use Ajwain water for weight loss ?

You can choose any of the below two approaches (I personally like Method 1)

Method 1 : By Boiling
Take a Pan
Add 2 teaspoon of Ajwain
Pour 2 glasses of water
Boil the water until you have only one glass water left.
Let it cool and take it before bed for 2 weeks.

Method 2 : Soaking it Overnight
Soak Ajwain in a glass of water (Overnight)Have it first thing in the morning, This will speed up the fat burning process and also help you to avoid over-eating.

  • Noticeable benefits of Ajwain water, From Second week you should start feeling light on your stomach
  • Acidity will start moving away from your body.
  • It will increase the hunger as your metabolism will be in correction mode.
  • Weight Loss can be expected if proper discipline is maintained.
  • High Blood pressure patients can see visible benefits.
  • Fatty liver can also be treated using Ajwain water therapy.
  • Asthma attacks will be less frequent.
  • It will clean your kidneys too.
  • And the list goes on and on…

1.) Ajwain water when mixed with Honey and consumed will cure Hiccups instantly.
2.) Ajwain water is also prescribed for infants above 1.5+ yrs who suffer from regular GAS Problems.
3.) If you are suffering from GAS problems then mix 1/2 teaspoon Ajwain in a glass of water and have it before Lunch/Dinner.

Note : Single dose of Ajwain water cannot cure anything, you need to respect your body and give it sometime to correct itself using Natural remedies (Ajwain water in this case). So choosing Ajwain water for weight loss is a wise idea provided you are supplementing it with good diet and little bit of exercise.



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