13 Fat Cutter drinks for weight loss (Home Made)

Are you frustrated with your belly fat? Are you tired of trying multiple remedies for weight loss that doesn’t work?

Let me take you through the list of Fat cutter drinks and juices that will cut down your body weight in few months.

The best part is you will be able to make these Fat cutter drinks at home.


If you are one of those guys who wants to lose weight in 5 days or 10 days then these remedies are not for for you. A healthy and sustainable weight loss cannot happen overnight.

Let’s deep dive into it…

10 Natural Fat cutter drinks at home

1.) Wheat Grass Juice

Wheat grass - Fat cutter drinks

Number one on our list is of Natural fat cutter is Wheat grass juice.

In Ayurveda Wheat Grass is also used as a medicine to treat ailments like Fatty Liver, Cholesterol, triglycerides, Coronary heart disease, correct the hemoglobin levels and many more.

This fat cutter drink in Hindi is also known as (गेहूं के जवारे के रस)

To get the real benefits of this amazing juice one must continue for at least a month. After a month visible difference is almost guaranteed if you do not have any underlying cause.

Guess what even if you have any underlying cause, this Natural Fat cutter juice is capable enough to treat the underlying causes as well.

Tons of research on this Juice and powder support the healing properties.

So how does it work?

Wheat Grass can not only be used as a juice but also as a powder. Yes you heard it right! Wheat Grass is also used as a natural fat cutter powder here in India.

This Natural supplement is the most complete form of Nutrition available today. You name the Vitamins and this juice or Powder has it.

Juice is more potent than the dry powder.

Wheat grass works by fighting the free radicals and improving your liver and kidney functions through a complex process of detoxification.

This Detoxification process does not happen overnight, this process is slow and thorough.

Detoxification process starts by regulating your digestive system and cleaning the impurities in the blood.

These days many Veds (Ayurvedic doctors) and Modern Allopathy has starting realizing the healing properties of Wheat grass and therefore we see many supplements made from wheat grass.

Many reputed Ayurvedic brands have started making fat cutter capsules made from wheat grass powder. But my personal recommendation is to have this premium fat cutter food in form of juice.

How to make Fat cutter juice using wheat grass?

wheatgrass juice - fat cutter juice

You can make a premium fat cutter drink at home for weight loss in 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Sowing
Sow the Wheat in a Pot and let it grow for a week.

Step 2: Pluck it!
Pluck the grass and wash it thoroughly

Step 3: Juice It!
Put it in the mixture or Juicer and Juice it.

Your weight loss juice is ready, you may have it by adding few drops of lemon to make it potent.

How to use it to get maximum benefits?

Ready for the trick…

This is how I like and recommend to other for best results…

I like the 7 day cycle formula.

The 7 day cycle formula is sowing Wheat Grass in a systematic manner where you will have endless supply of wheat grass on demand.

This is how it works…

You start by sowing Wheat Grass seed in a pot on Monday.
Do the same on Tuesday and repeat the process till Sunday.
On Monday you will have your first pot ready and on Tuesday the second and so on.

Keep the above cycle continuing for a month and then measure your weight.

Surprise! Surprise! You would have shed few pounds for sure.

Some key Vitamins and Minerals in Wheat Grass:

  • Protein
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin K
  • Vitamin B1
  • Vitamin B2
  • Vitamin B3
  • Vitamin B5
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B12
  • Choline
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Magnesium
  • Phosphorus
  • Potassium
  • Zinc
  • Copper
  • Manganese
  • Selenium

And the list goes on and on… as I said its a complete supplement.

I can’t emphasize more on how beneficial it is!

2.) Coriander Leaves with Lemon

Coriander leaves - Fat cutter food

Second on my list of ultimate Fat cutter drinks is Coriander leaves. Is this a surprise that it made to the second spot? Well! There is a reason to it.

This Coriander leaves keeps your stomach and digestive tract in perfect shape. The better your digestive system is, the better would be fat assimilation.

This Juice works by boosting the metabolism and reducing the unwanted cravings. So next time when your Mom or granny gives you that Coriander leaves chutney don’t forget to have it.

When it comes to weight loss, sugar level in your body plays a very important role. Therefore sharp spike in Insulin response due to sudden rise in sugar levels can be dangerous and sure way towards Obesity.

This is where Coriander Juice with Lemon plays a key role to regulate Insulin response.

Make sure to have this magical Natural Fat cutter once a day.

How to make Coriander leaves Juice?

Coriander juice - Fat cutter drink

You can make Coriander leaves Juice in 4 easy steps.

Step 1:
Take fresh coriander leaves and put it in the mixture

Step 2:
Take half a lemon and extract its juice and put it in the mixture

Step 3:
Grind the mixture and extract its juice you will get it in concentrated form.

Step 4:
Since its highly concentrated, add some water and have it once a day.

Repeat this process for one month and see the visible results. This weight loss drink does not have any side effects therefore it can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone.

3.) Bottle Gourd Juice with Black pepper

This is my favorite…

fat cutter food

No Fat cutter diet is complete without this magical Juice.

If you are on a weight loss diet make sure to include a glass of bottle gourd juice every morning on an empty stomach and every evening before 6:00 PM.

Don’t forget to include black pepper in this juice.

The reason you need to use black pepper is Bottle gourd is cold in nature and black pepper does the perfect job of balancing it.

So if you are sensitive to Sinus or, cold or allergy include black pepper and enjoy this fat cutter food in form of juice. This juice may not be pleasing on your taste bud but it is highly effective in weight loss.

I recommend this especially if you are prone to heart ailments and suffering from high blood pressure.

How to make this Juice?

bottle gourd juice - Fat cutter drinks

You can make this natural weight loss drink in 3 easy steps…

Step 1:
Cut half a bottle gourd in pieces.

Step 2:
Add the Bottle gourd in the mixture or juicer.

Step 3:
Extract the juice and Add black pepper powder to it and enjoy this Fat Cuter Drink.

Have this juice for a month to see visible results. If you are prone to heart ailments like Coronary heart disease or Poor Ejection Fraction have this for 6 months to a year.

Good to know…

  • Bottle gourd is good for treating high blood pressure as it’s loaded with Vitamins C, manganese, Potassium, riboflavin, iron, zinc, magnesium and thiamine.
  • High in anti-oxidants and fights aging.
  • A potent Liver detoxifier
  • Has the ability to revive dead cells
  • Good for diabetics
  • Cures Acidity, ulcers, indigestion’s and nervous disorders
  • Potential to reverse or cure blocked arteries (Patanjali Chikitsalaya has multiple case studies related to lauki therapies).
  • Extremely beneficial in reversing fatty liver and Jaundice.

This list can go on forever, the listed benefits are something Bottle gourd is popularly known for. In a nutshell this natural fat cutter food balances all the three Doshas.

4.) Tomato, Bitter Gourd, Cucumber Juice

fat cutter diet

This Fat cutter drink is Juice cum medicine.

This juice works by regulating blood sugar and insulin levels. I would not recommend to have this daily especially to those suffering from low sugar levels as this juice will drastically reduce the sugar levels.

Normal individual can have this juice every alternate days once a day. Do this for a month to see the desired results.

This fat cutter medicine is recommended for those suffering high sugar (Diabetes). High diabetic’s individuals can have this juice once a day.

Tomato is high in Lycopene and this really helps you to keep your sugar levels in control. Individuals above 40 years of age should have at least 2 boiled tomatoes every day to keep your heart, Lungs, Kidneys and Liver in good shape.

How does this Fat cutter drink works?

The combination of these three vegetable regulates the insulin and blood sugar levels. It keeps your digestive system in top notch condition by boosting the metabolism and removing the toxins.

Karela removes the toxins and cleans the blood. It also adjusts the sugar levels in the body thereby regulating the insulin response.

Cucumber stimulates the digestive system and keeps your stomach clean by removing the waste.

Tomato helps burning the calories much faster as it’s loaded with Vitamins, minerals and tons of Lycopene. Weight Loss process is boosted when mixed with Bitter gourd and cucumber.

Here is how you make a Natural fat cutter drink using Tomato, Cucumber and Bitter gourd in 3 easy steps.

fat cutter diet

Step 1:
Cut 2 Tomatoes
1 Cucumber
1 Bitter gourd into small pieces

Step 2: Put the pieces in Mixture or juicer and extract the juice

Step 3: Add some black pepper to it and have it once every two days.

5.) Cut fat drinking Sassy Water

fat cutter drink

Sassy water is named after its creator or founder Cynthia Sassy. The idea of weight loss using sassy water works by replacing the normal water with sassy water.

In this therapy you need to drink only sassy water and not normal water. Sassy water is loaded with multivitamins and minerals that aids the weight loss process.

Here is how it works…

You create sassy water with 9 – 10 glasses of water and have it throughout the day. Drink at least 8 – 10 glasses of this water to see visible results in a month.

Here is how you make this Natural fat cutter water in 4 easy steps…

Step 1: Take 10 glasses of water and pour it into the picture or Glass Bowl.

Step 2:
Grate the ginger
Peel one large cucumber and cut it into slices or pieces as you wish
Add 1 large sized lemon (Thinly sliced)
15- 16 Mint leaves
Few coriander leaves (This is my addition).

Step 3:
Once you have the above ingredients mixed with 10 glasses of water keep it overnight in the fridge.

Let the flavors blend overnight.

Your Sassy water is ready to be consumed throughout the day.

Try to drink or finish the water in a day and repeat the process for a month, results are almost guaranteed if there are no other issues or ailments.

This drinks side effect is in form of weight loss which is actually good. There are no known negative side effects of this Natural fat burning drink.

6.) Ajwain water

ajwain water - Fat cutter drink

We all relate Ajwain water with cure for acidity and indigestion. What we don’t know is Ajwain water while fighting indigestion and Acidity also keeps inflammation and free radicals away.

It’s recommended to have Ajwain water every night before bed and every morning empty stomach if you are on a mission to fight Obesity.

To cure problems related to acidity and digestive disorders use Ajwain water as a cure for at least a month. Noticeable benefits could be seen within a month if Ajwain water and proper diet is maintained.

This is how you make this natural fat cutter drink at home in 3 easy steps.

Step 1: In a pan take 2 teaspoon Ajwain and mix it with 1 and 1/2 glass of water.

Step 2: Boil the water until you have only one glass water remaining.

Step 3: Strain the water and let it cool down.

Have this fat burning drink before bed. If you also want it in early morning, then prepare some more water and keep it in refrigerator overnight and have this first thing in the morning.

Alternate ways to make Ajwain water is by soaking it overnight and having it first thing in the morning. I personally prefer the 3 step method above.

7.) Chirata Water

Chirata - fat cutter drink

Chirata is more of a herb that is bitter in taste. It’s ten times more bitter than Bitter gourd (Karela) or even Neem. Pretty much all the parts of this powerful plant can be used to make anti-obesity medicine.

There are many fat cutter capsules out there made up of chirata roots and stem. However I would recommend to have it in for of water as its more effective that way.

Traditionally in India chirata is used to treat Fever, Skin diseases, Detoxification of Liver, Fatty Liver, Anemia, Diabetes, GI Tract Inflammation, Lung conditions and many more.

While it cures these diseases what’s more interesting is that it acts as a Natural cutter drink.Most importantly its easy to make this Fat cutter drink at home for weight loss and controlling irregular sugar spikes.

Follow this 3 simple steps to make this powerful drink.

Step 1: You can get Swertia Chirata stem or root from Amazon or Health Kart.

Step 2: Soak the root or stem in water overnight. The color of the water will become mild golden.

Step 3: In the morning Strain the water in a glass and have it first thing in the morning.

Now I would want to warn you that it’s very bitter in taste and that feeling will be there for more than half an hour.

So if you could get through it then you will be free from diseases such as diabetes, stomach worms, arthritis and other inflammatory diseases.

Chirata works by regulating the insulin spikes and blood sugar levels. It also helps you to detoxify your body thereby weight loss is just a byproduct of this wonderful herb.

Recommended dosage for this fat cutter drink is 3 times a week first thing in the morning. Try this remedy for a month to see the results.

8.) Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe Vera - Fat Cutter Juice

Aloe Vera is good for skin! Well we all know that what’s so special in it? Have you ever wondered why we get glowing skin when we drink Aloe Vera Juice?

The reason we get glowing skin is because of skin and blood detoxification process that happens through our Liver.

Aloe Vera Juice boosts your body’s metabolism and acts as an excellent detoxifier. It’s an excellent remedy for treating Fatty Liver.

The detoxification process that happens after consuming this juice also flushes out free radicals and extra fat through Stool.

Consuming this Juice frequently also reduces cholesterol and triglyceride levels thereby minimizing the chances of heart attack and other heart ailments.

Should you make this Fat cutter drink at home for Weight loss?

My personal recommendation is to get the juice from a reputed Ayurvedic store as making juice from Aloe Vera is a complex process.

While it make look as simple as extracting the gel and having it direct. It’s not as simple as that since the gel extracted from it may be poisonous depending upon how and where its grown.

The chances of this being toxic is less but I would recommend to get this juice from store to be on a safer side.

9.) Ginger, Garlic and Lemon

Natural fat cutter

Well we all know how potent these three elements are. If you don’t then here is a brief intro…

Ginger, Garlic and lemon is being used since centuries to treat ailments related to Obesity and high fat levels. This combination is well known to treat coronary heart disease and various other heart related ailments.

While treating your heart or fatty liver using this potent combination is a good idea the byproduct of this therapy is a healthy weight loss. Therefore this acts as a natural fat cutter which you can easily make at home.

This is how you make this Natural Fat cutter drink at home in 4 simple steps…

Step 1:
Take one inch ginger and peel off the skin..
Cut the ginger into pieces.
Likewise take one whole Garlic and peel the skin of garlic cloves.
Take two large Lemons and cut it into half.
Remove the lemon seeds if possible.

Step 2:
Put the chopped lemon, Ginger and garlic into grinder or mixture and grind it fine.
In the process also add one cup of water while grinding it.

Step 3:
Boil the mixture by adding 3 glasses of water until you have only 2 glasses left.

Step 4:
Let it cool down.
Extract the Water and store it in a glass picture or Jug made up of glass.

You may store the mixture in the fridge and you need to finish this over a period of 3 – 4 days.

  • Ideal dosage would be 2 – 3 Tbsp.

Note: Please consult your doctor if you are under any medication such as blood thinner or if you are prone to bleeding.

10.) Moringa Powder

fat cutter powder

I have listed this Fat cutter Powder last because this is something which is very less popular amongst fat burning supplements. Veds (Ayurvedic doctors) who knows the capability of Moringa would always advise for weight loss.

Moringa is not only good for weight loss but also beneficial for heart, Kidneys and lungs.

Including Moringa in your diet can increase the longevity. While more clinical research is needed to back this statement but many ayurvedic experts believe its the most complete form of food that includes all types of nutrients.

Here is how to use this Fat Cutter powder in your diet…

While enjoying healthy food you may sprinkle this powder on your food and have it.

You can also have this powder by simply mixing it with a glass of water, thereby making this a powerful weight loss drink.

Best part of consuming this drink is No side effects. This drink does not have any side effects thus it can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone.

Alternative to Moringa powder…

If you don’t find Moringa easily, you may include drumstick in your diet.

fat cutter food

Moringa is nothing but dried leaves from Drumstick tree. Dry leaves tends to have more benefits than the actual leaves available from tree.

Moringa Bark powder is used as an Ayurvedic medicine for curing heart ailments like coronary artery disease or diseases related to circulation.

Positive side effects of this medicine includes balance blood pressure levels and better insulin response.

No negative side effects have been heard as of now apart from constipation and minor headache in case of overdose.

Can this powder be made at home?

The answer is Yes and No.

The Process to make dried moringa powder is difficult especially in city are. Hence I would recommend to go for Organic Moringa powder at Ayurvedic Store. You can get it for affordable rates.

If you still wish to make this powder at home then you need to have lots of leaves. These leaves need to be dried under the sun and once it’s crisp you can make the powder out of it and store it in a Jar.

Shelf life of this powder is 3 – 6 months. However it’s said that this powder can last for few years but I would recommend it’s at its best for first three to four months.

11.) Cinnamon Water

Cinnamon stick for weight loss

Cinnamon’s are excellent for intestines and Liver. Consuming Cinnamon water daily on empty stomach helps flush out the toxins and cleanse the liver.

The cleaner your liver is the better will be your metabolism and fat assimilating capacity.

Cinnamon not only helps you to lose weight but also helps you to fight against cholesterol and elevated levels of triglycerides.

To make this drink all you need is Half a tea spoon Cinnamon powder or Half an inch cinnamon stick.

In fact there are two ways you can make this weight loss drink.

Method One: Using cinnamon Stick

Simply take half an inch of Cinnamon stick and boil it until it turns brownish.

Let it cool down and have it on empty stomach. This actually becomes cinnamon tea, so the trick is simple i.e replace the conventional tea with Cinnamon tea.

If you find the taste not so palatable then simply mix half a spoon of honey to it.

Method 2: Using Cinnamon Powder

All you would need is half a teaspoon of Cinnamon Powder and a glass of warm water.

To make this drink simply boil a glass of water and mix the cinnamon powder to it and have it empty stomach every morning for next 20 days or so to see any visible effects.

This is different as compared to cinnamon tea as this is more potent.

Again if you don’t find it palatable then simply mix half a teaspoon of honey to it.

You can increase the potency of cinnamon by mixing it with various fat burning herbs. I have written an in depth guide on using cinnamon water for weight loss here.

12.) Ajwa Khajoor Water

Ajwa Khajoor seed powder

Ajwa Khajoor is nothing but date seeds consumed in powdered form. Note not all date seeds can be termed as Ajwa Khajoor.

Only the dates found in Medina and middle east are the best when it comes to reducing the fat levels from your body.

So make sure you only consume the authentic Ajwa Seeds powder for effective weight loss.

Again making this weight loss drink is simple.
All you need is buy Ajwa Khajoor seed powder from authentic store, boil a glass of water, Mix the seed powder well and consume it empty stomach every morning. for next 40 days.

Ajwa khajoor is extremely beneficial for health as its anti-cancerous and cures many heart ailments.

You may want to read detailed guide on using Ajwa Khajoor seeds for weight loss and healthy heart.

13.) Jeera water

Jeera water for weight loss

You may have heard of Jeera or cumin as a spice.

But jeera is much more than just a spice, a glass of jeera water daily befire bed can do wonders in long run.

To boost the fat burning process simply consume Jeera water for next 30 days and the results are eminent.

How to make Jeera water at home?

Simply take 200 ml water and mix 1 teaspoon of jeera in it.

Boil it until you have 100 ml water left.

Cool it down and have it.

In fact there are tons of combination of jeera water that you can use.

I have written in details on how to use jeera water for weight loss here.

Hope you have liked my list of Top 13 Fat Cutter Drinks. Please feel free to share this with your friends and family members especially those suffering from Obesity and high blood pressure.

Your share can save hundreds of life and make a disease free world!




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