Ajwa Khajoor for healthy heart and (weight loss)

Ajwa Khajoor is also known as Ajwa dates or date fruits.

These fruits are mainly grown in the Asian countries. This fruit is said to have both medical and health benefits when consumed especially Ajwa Khajoor seed powder (Date Seed Powder).

Where Ajwa Khajoor is originally found?

ajwa khajoor

The date fruit is mainly grown in Medina Tayyiba a city found in Saudi Arabia state. These fruits are widely consumed when the Muslims are breaking their fast.

Since this fruit contains all the necessary nutrients like the vitamins, fats, proteins and also sugars its perfect for breaking fast.

It is is not only beneficial for breaking fast but also provides other health benefits too.

All these nutritional properties make Ajwa dates to be the most recommended fruit among the date family. Also, the nutritional and health benefit of this date plant has made it spread in other countries like the India and the Egypt just to name a few.

The Ajwa Khajoor plant does not necessarily require a lot of care when growing because it can grow in dry areas like Saudi Arabia making it a useful plant to grow in other states.

Benefits of Ajwa Khajoor

benefits of Ajwa khajoor

As I said earlier, this fruit from the date family consists of both the nutritional and the health benefits.

Here are few nutritional benefits of Ajwa Khajoor…

Promotes healthy growth.

For healthy and better growth, we are advised to eat foods that contain the necessary nutrients such as proteins, essential mineral acids healthy fats and so on.

Therefore by eating the Ajwa Khajoor fruit, your body will directly get these nutrients.

The fruit is packed with all these nutrients, and that is the reason all Muslims eat then nuts after breaking from fasting so their bodies can get all the necessary nutrients.

Thus if you are not getting all the essential nutrients from your food, you can buy the Ajwa fruits and consume them raw for these purposes.

Improves the Functioning of heart

The Ajwa dates are filled with potassium and the magnesium minerals that are essential in improving the heart’s functioning and strengthens the bones in the body too.

Also, the presence of the soluble fiber helps in reducing cholesterol on the heart which causes the heart attack.

So apart from these fruits supplying your heart with the essential minerals they also help to lower the risk of having a heart attack by lowering the heart cholesterol.

Helps Easing constipation

As I said, earlier Ajwa dates are packed with all the nutrients required in the body including the fibers. As we all know one way to avoid or ease constipation is by eating foods that are high in fiber.

Therefore date consists of the soluble fibers which help in handling constipation.

You can opt to eat the fruit raw but to get better results soak them in water overnight and eat the fruits in the morning before having your breakfast and you will see excellent results.

Strengthens and Improves the digestive system functions

If you want to have a precise digestive system function, then invest in Ajwa dates.

The fruits are packed with fibers which are essential to ensure that the food that we eat is easily digested and also ensure the bowel movement out of the body is smooth. Therefore keep in mind that for you to avoid constipation, you have to have a continuous digestive system, and hence Ajwa dates can help you achieve this.

Eat dates on a regular basis maybe in the morning or at night before you go to sleep. You can consume Ajwa dates in the form of fruits or as seeds.

Strengthens the bones

As you age your bones tends to weaken due to loss of the bone mallow and other essential nutrients like the calcium which are known strengthen them.

The Ajwa khajoor consist of all the nutrients required in the body including the calcium, potassium, proteins among others. Consume the fruits in the form of supplements or as fruits because both methods have the same benefits.

A lot of older adults who have bone and muscle problems are prescribed the supplements to aid in strengthening their bones and muscles.

Amazing for Treating anemic

One of the causes of anemia is the iron deficiency in the body which causes the blood to reduce hence weakening the patient. Therefore with a regular dosage of the Ajwa dates supplements, you will be supplying your body with enough iron which increases the blood in the body.

The dates also provide the bones with calcium and potassium nutrients which in return strengthens your body hence preventing the patient from feeling fatigued.

Improves smooth delivery

Ajwa Dates were widely used in traditional days to help the pregnant women have a lesser painful and quick delivery.

Well, a lot of researchers have been conducted regarding this fact, and results show that indeed dates improve the delivery procedure with about 40 percent by decreasing the need for labor induction. Hence it is recommended that you eat the Ajwa Date fruits a few weeks before your birth date to help with the labor induction.

It also supplies your body with essential minerals that strengthen your body hence reducing chances of death during childbirth. The expectant mothers can eat Ajwa dates in the form of fruits or seeds.

Tons of energy to your body

This is important for those who are involved in manual jobs. Although we are advised to take sugar for the energy boost, too much sugar in your system is not healthy also. Therefore instead of taking the artificial sugar, how about your get these ideal sugars from this excellent fruit.

Ajwa dates are packed with healthy sugars like the fructose and sucrose which are essential for energizing your body. So instead of taking sweetened snacks, have the Dates instead especially when you feel a little bit worn out.

Ajwa khajoor for weight loss

Ajwa Khajoor contains proteins, fats sugars, and other vital nutrients which are essential for the body.

Weight loss is not an easy task as one is advised to eat the food that contains proteins and healthy fats to keep them full for long hours.

This is because proteins and these fats work by suppressing the appetite hence making one consume fewer calories in a day. Therefore eat the fruits before your meals, and you can as well eat the fruits as a snack during the day.

Ajwa Khajoor seed powder

ajwa khajoor seed powder

Apart from having Ajwa dates as a fruit, you can also have it inform of powder which you can easily grind on your own or purchase on different outlets.

The Ajwa seed powder has various benefits with the primary benefits is helping the people with heart problems. The powder can also be taken to heal infertility and improve sexual desires in both men and women.

How to make Ajwa dates seed powder at home

If you don’t have the fruits at home, then you can always buy them from the different market outlets. Ensure that you buy purely extracted Ajwa dates seeds to make the work easy.

If you want to grind about one kilogram of the powder, buy two or one and a half kilograms since some seeds will go to waste in the process of grinding them.

Some people opt to soak the dates in water may be a few days before the grinding time to soften the seeds although I would not recommend for this action since a lot of nutrients are lost in water when you soak the seeds in it.

Instead of soaking your nuts in the water, follow the below step as it works excellent in softening your grains for easy grinding.

Roast the Ajwa seeds

roasting ajwa seed powder

Using a thick broad pan, pour your seeds into the pan and cook them over a moderate heat. Make sure that you keep toasting the seeds to ensure that the temperature is evenly distributed in all grains.

This is important to avoid burning the dates or losing its nutrients as well.

Repeat this process for about half an hour or more until you feel the weight of the seeds is decreasing and the seeds have turned brown or look like they have slightly burnt.

Remove the Ajwa date seeds

Note that the part of the seeds that look brown or burnt is the outer membrane covering also referred to as Qitmeer.

This part of the seed is not required when making your Ajwa khajoor seed powder since it does not have any nutritional value.

Brown or burnt seed will alter the original state of the powder due to its burnt nature. So ensure that you remove it after roasting your dates.

Grinding the Ajwa seeds

make ajwa khajoor seed powder

After removing all the Qitmeer, sieve the seeds and prepare them for grinding.

Note that these seeds require a particular grinding machine to give the firm and thin texture of the powder. One of this devices is the one used for grinding wheat flour.

Hence if you don’t have this machine, you can always take them to the mill.

Ajwa powder is supposed to be thin without any large particles. Therefore insist to the operator to grind the seeds until he gets a fine powder.

Pack your Ajwa Khajoor seed powder

ajwa dates seed powder container

After the grinding is done, pack your powder in different airtight containers for future use.

How to use Ajwa khajoor seeds powder?

First of all, it is advisable that you consult the doctor before consuming the seeds’ powder. A Doctor can advise you the correct quantity to take in a day.

There are different ways in which you can use the powder such as adding it to water or other drinks. You can also add the Ajwa powder to your food while cooking.

Looking to lose weight or reverse the heart disease especially Coronary Artery disease ?

Here is how you can use Ajwa seeds dates powder to get maximum benefits.

  • Every morning in empty stomach  boil a glass of water.
    – Mix the date seed powder with a glass of warm water and drink it every morning on empty stomach.
    – Drinking warm water mixed with Ajwa dates powder helps you lose weight naturally without any side effects.
  • You may also consume Ajwa dates seed powder with a glass of warm low fat milk at night.
  • Ajwa powder when mixed with honey becomes a potent source of energy and helps clear the hearts arteries.
  • Ajwa Khajoor seeds powder when mixed with Lauki juice (Bottle gourd juice) becomes plaque flushing drink, it flushes the plaque stuck in the heart arteries.
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Below video will show you exactly how to use Ajwa khajoor seed powder for weight loss and healthy heart…

Buying guide of Ajwa khajoor seeds powders online.

Thanks to the digital world now buying products online have been made easy. Various online companies have a website where they sell medical products and other health supplements.

Patients can quickly acquire these products and have them delivered to their homes. Although there are a variety of companies to buy from, it is crucial that you be keen when choosing a company to buy your Ajwa supplement. 

This is very important if you want to avoid buying fake or unhealthy products.

It is entirely possible to get overwhelmed when purchasing online due to the different deals offered with some being sold at low prices. Therefore to make sure that you purchase quality Ajwa seed powder follow the below tips.

Research before buying Ajwa seeds powder.

Before you buy the supplements from any particular company you must research. You should know a few things about their services and products before buying.

It is essential to know if the company is legit or not and such information can be found on their websites. Some companies have feedback sections as well.

Feedback section allows their customers to leave a comment regarding their products. This way you will be able to gauge if their products are good or not.

If the company have a high percentage of positive feedback from the feedback from the customers, then it would be safe to purchase from them. Make sure the reviews are also recent.

Having said that there are lots of fake feedback’s too.

I would say stay away from companies selling Ajwa seed powder made in other countries except Medinah and India.

Read the product details.

Read the ingredients on the label carefully. This will ensure that the products used to make the powder are from Ajwa dates.

The process used to make the powder should also be healthy and no additives added to the powder. Other specifications to look out for when buying the date powder is the state in which the powder originates from.

The best Ajwa seed powder is made in Saudi Arabia and other Asian countries.

If you find the products sold are made in other countries, then you may consider avoiding them.

Learn about company’s background.

This is determined by the number of years that the company has been selling these products online. The more years, the more quality assurance you will get for buying from this company. Thus makes sure that you buy from a company that has been operating for more than five years.

Read the company’s biography to gather all the information regarding how they started. Find out how many products they have been able to sell for those years and their major customers worldwide.

Companies that are genuine will put up all these information for the customers to get to about their products better.

This is important so you can check if the dates seed used in the products are genuine or not.  You need to avoid buying expired supplements at all cost. Having said that Ajwa dates seed powder has long shelf life.









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