11 Homeopathic Medicines for Weight Loss (Experts choice)

It’s scientifically proven that homeopathic medicines are effective for weight loss. They improve digestion and over-all metabolism to burn body fat.

This accelerates the process of weight loss and results in surprising results. The other reason people prefer homeopathy medicines over its alternatives is its no side-effects characteristic.

Homeopathy is effective and helps with losing weight, but even if it doesn’t work on your body, you apparently get no side effects. It’s a win-win situation.

Now, the most logical question is which medicines are the most effective for the weight loss?

We have checked and found tons of brands that claim to be efficient.

This overcrowded market could be confusing. For this reason, we listed top 10 homeopathy medicines for weight-loss, recommended by our in-house homeopathy practitioner. Here is the list:

Calcarea Carbonica

This medicine tops the list. The reason is its positive result on the fat in the abdomen region.

It fastens the digestion process and acts as a catalyst to the entire metabolism. Of course, not everyone is offered to go on Calcarea Carbonica. Practitioners go through a complete medical history of patients before they put them on a drug.

Typically, people with huge fat deposition in the abdomen are advised to take this medicine. There are certain symptoms like profuse perspiration, especially from the head, that is indicative to fit this medicine.

People who are advised with this medicine are also surrounded with strange eating habits. Craving for eggs, or consistent urge to taste clay, soil, pencil’s graphite, lime, and many more.

These people are also intolerant to cold air. They have disturbed digestive systems and generally suffer from chronic constipation.

This medicine is also preferred for patients that had gained excess fat in a short period of time, like people with a thyroid problem.

How to use Calcarea for optimum results ?

The dosage depends on the potency of the medicine. Calcarea is available in different potency level. It can start anywhere from 10 cc to 1M.

So if you are taking only 10cc then its ok to have few drops daily 3 thrice a day.

Having said that if you are on a high potency levels then please discuss this with your homeopathy doctor first.


One of the major reasons for obesity is a malfunctioning or a weak liver. Due to a weak liver, people may suffer from gastric problems such as constipation and flatulence.

These people are inclined to crave for sugar-based products. They usually eat beyond their recommended calorie requirements that result in the bloated abdomen.

They have peculiar habits to intake hot drinks and hot food. All these factors result in immense suffering and subsequently change their personality. They become angry and irritable.

For such cases, practitioners prefer Lycopodium, for its innate ability to fix liver and gastric issues. This medicine focuses primarily on the extra fat on thighs and buttocks. This may be preferred in patients suffering from Hypothyroidism.

How to use Lycopodium for weight loss?

The best way to consume this medicine is to take it in 50 ml water.

Again the dosage depends on the potency of the medicine which usually ranges between 10cc to 1M.

So if you are on a low dosage simply add few drops of this potent weight loss medicine is 50 ml water and have it twice a day, an hour before your meals.

Furthermore, do not self medicate with high potency levels as it may have adverse side effects. It’s always better to consult a certified homeopathy doctors if you are planning to go on a high potency doses..

Natrum Mur

Long-term stress and depression might lead to an excessive gain in weight. Natrum Mur is found effective when comes to patients with depression and stress.

These patients typically have an excess of fat in their buttocks and thighs, compared to the other parts of the body. People who are put on this medicine are usually who suffer from a unique set of symptoms like excessive heat in the patient’s body and intolerance towards the heat.

These people are found to crave for sweet and salty food. They indulge in hot food and hot drinks. Usually, these people have a tendency to eat far beyond their daily needs and gain excess fat, especially in thighs and buttocks. Such patients more often suffer from chronic anaemia, which is the lack of oxygen component in the blood.

These people are easily irritated and roused to anger.

Optimum Dosage: 5 -10 drops in 20 ml water (Low Potency Only)

High potency of this medicine is not recommended to treat obesity.

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Nux Vomica

Certain people gain weight due to their inactivity. In formal terms, it’s called sedentary habits, in which people tend to sit in one area and prefer inactivity over exercise.

Nux Vomica is recommended for such people. There are many common symptoms. They suffer from chronic constipation and other gastric issues.

The person in need of Nux Vomica has a consistent urge to pass stool but usually struggles to pass stool.  

These people have a strong craving for spicy and oily foods. They also look for stimulants like alcohol and coffee. They are prone to anger and also suffer from chronic intestinal issues.

Dosage: 10 drops in a glass of water, In case of extreme obesity consume it without diluting it.

Do not increase the potency hoping for the fast results, give sometime before moving on to high potency dosage. even better consult a certified homeopathic practitioner.

Ammonium Carb

This medicine is preferred, like Nux Vomica, for people with a sedentary lifestyle. But there are other symptoms that decide if the person is in need of this, or not.

One of the symptoms is an excess of fat in the upper body, as compared to the lower body, which is usually lean. These people suffer from the cardiac problems and nasal congestions. They are usually depressed and are not satisfied with their life.

These people are always tired and sluggish. They feel weak due to their inactive nature. They are also very intolerant to change in temperature and usually are very sensitive towards cold.

Dosage: 5 – 10 drops in 50 ml water, undiluted in case of extreme symptoms.

Antimonium Crudum

This medicine is preferred with the younger crowd, who are suffering from overweight. There are many symptoms that can indicate if the person needs Antimonium Crudum or not.

They have stomach problems, due to which, they consistently suffer from diarrhea and constipation. Blisters in all part of their body is again a very clear symptom.

These Individuals crave for products that have spiked salt and sugar flavors. They have discolored nails, and thickly white coated tongue, which indicates a lot of other problems, apart from apparent obesity.

Such individuals tend to be more sensitive compared to the other people around them and are also prone to depression.

Dosage: 10 – 15 drops (Low potency) in 50 ml water.

In case of extreme depression consume it without water (Not more than 10 drops). If the symptoms still persists contact you homeopathy doctor to increase the dosage or change the medication.

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Ammonium Mur

It is considered an effective medicine to reduce the fat in abdomen, thigh and buttock area. Ammonium Mur doesn’t have many indicative symptoms like other medicines on this list. But, they do have some peculiar symptoms.

These people suffer from anger and quick irritability without any valid reason. These people have an excessive pain in the heel and feet.

These people are very sensitive and have strange tendency to grieve. They look for reasons to get sad and end up being depressed. These people also struggle with sleep and suffer from insomnia.

Dosage: 10 drops twice a day in 50 ml water.

In case of extreme symptoms contact your doctor. Do not increase the dosages.


This again is a very effective alternative for people who want to reduce the fat from all parts of their body.

Graphites, like other medicines on the list, also has a unique set of symptoms that suggest its use. Practitioners recommend this medicine to the people who suffer from gastric issues and form an excess gas formation.

These people suffer from body pain and fatigue over an extended period. They also have problems with their menstrual cycle and might have itching allergies. These people have long-term depression and are easily irritated. They have a weak stomach and chronic gastric issues. They are also reported to have swollen genitals.

Dosage: 10 drops in of 50 ml water, twice a day.


This one could be used with almost everyone who is suffering from obesity. It is found very beneficial for shedding excessive fat from the entire body.

This medicine helps with relieving constipation and improve digestion. This, in fact, is considered for people with thyroid issues.

Practitioners recommend this medicine to people who suffer from weariness and exhaustion. These people also suffer from headaches, usually extending from the temples to the neck.

They also have fluctuations in their appetite and generally find it increasing and decreasing to the extremes. They are also noticed to suffer from throat soreness.

Hyper-motility is yet again a very clear indication to recommend this medicine. Constipation and Diarrhea are yet another symptoms.

Dosage: 5 – 10 drops in 50 ml water or 5 drops without water twice a day.


There are many physiological and psychological conditions that suggest the usage of Phytolacca.

Practitioners recommend this medicine if the person is suffering from blisters all across their digestive track, especially from mouth to throat.

These Individuals have difficulty in swallowing and can’t eat solid diet.

They generally suffer from blisters on their lips and tongues. They have itching allergies across their body and have a pale face.

They are also very weak and usually get tired with effortless tasks. They are also found to suffer from sciatic pain and can’t walk for longer distances.

Dosage: 5 drops daily twice a day or 15 drops in 50 ml water.

Dr Reckeweg R59

This medicine is made using the ingredients such as Graphite, FUCUS VESICULOSUS, Oyster Shell Carbonate and Spongia Tosta.

This homeopathic medicine is extremely popular than the other one’s mentioned above.

As per Dr. Reckeweg’s instructions, it’s recommended that you take this at least twice a day for optimum results. In case of extreme obesity, it’s recommended you take 3 times a day and at the same time follow a low oil and low fat diet.


While all the medicines above are extremely result oriented, nothing would help you if you don’t follow a good diet.

Furthermore, Homeopathy Practitioners also prefer to mix a couple of homeopathic medicines, in extreme cases they may even mix three to four medicines, to treat your obesity.

This mix entirely depends on the symptoms and the degree of suffering. It’s highly advised to take these medicines under the recommendation of a homeopathy practitioner.

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