16 ways to use Cinnamon for weight loss

Have you tried Cinnamon for weight loss before? If not then there are several reasons why should do it now.

What if I told you Cinnamon will not only help you to lose weight but also balance your body’s Vata, Pitta and Kapha according to ayurvedic studies.. yes that’s true!

Cinnamon in India is also known as Dalchini. In India ayurvedic doctors and even allopathy doctors these days advise Cinnamon Powder and whole cinnamon for weight loss.

While burning the unwanted fats in your body, it also plays a significant role in balancing the sugar levels and boosting the metabolism.

The boost in metabolism derived from Cinnamon consumption accelerates the Fat burning process.

The major cause of Obesity or unwanted weight is Inflammation of Fat cells. The standard diet in today’s date is highly inflammable.

Therefore it becomes important to include anti-inflammatory fat burning foods and drinks in your daily diet.

Cinnamon is the answer to the obesity

While burning fat through cinnamon is a good choice, let’s take a quick look at 16 ways you can implement Cinnamon in your daily diet for losing weight.

Cinnamon tea for weight Loss

Cinnamon Tea for weight Loss

Do you have a habit of consuming bed Tea? This is the right time to replace it with cinnamon tea.

Early morning tea in empty stomach increases acidity and disrupts the immune system. Instead of consuming normal conventional tea replace it with cinnamon tea.

Cinnamon tea in empty stomach flushes out free radicals, reduces inflammation and activates the Liver, heart, Lungs and kidney functions.

With all the above features and health benefits you may ask…

Is Cinnamon Tea good for weight loss?

The antioxidants and fat burning properties in cinnamon Tea makes it the best choice. Even green tea is acidic and some doctors don’t recommend it.

Having said that Cinnamon works on all the internal body parts. It stimulates the liver function and flushes out toxins and cleanses blood.

Clean blood reduces inflammation of fat cells thereby reducing the body weight.

Cinnamon tea is best for weight loss and fighting obesity when used wisely.

So now the question is…

How to make Cinnamon Tea for weight loss?

You can make cinnamon tea in 3 easy steps.

  • Take a glass of water in a Pan and heat it
  • Add Cinnamon Stick and let it boil
  • Make sure the color of water changes to reddish brown
  • Strain it and have it without sugar. (Adding honey will destroy the benefits of Honey as the tea is hot).

Cinnamon Powder for weight loss

Cinnamon powder for weight loss

Just like whole stick cinnamon gives benefit in its own way the powder is also equally beneficial.

There are tons of ways to use Cinnamon powder for weight loss and to reap other health benefits.

The simplest way to use cinnamon powder is by mixing it to a glass of Luke warm water and drink it empty stomach every morning.

So let’s learn…

How to make Cinnamon water for weight loss?

Make Cinnamon water in three easy steps.

  • Pour a glass of water in a pan and boil it.
  • Once the water is mildly boiled add cinnamon powder to it and mix it well.
  • Drink it while it’s warm.

The second method is overnight Soaking.

  • Take a glass of warm water and mix it with Cinnamon and store it overnight.
  • Drink it in empty stomach every morning.

I personally prefer the boiled cinnamon water technique as it gives result much faster.

Note: While having Cinnamon water do not add any sugar or Honey if you are diabetic.

When Using Cinnamon powder for weight loss question arises…

Is Cinnamon powder good for health?

Cinnamon Powder can do wonders for you provided you have it in right dosage.

Drink Cinnamon water twice a day to stay healthy and control your weight. You can use Cinnamon powder in many ways and combination.

Combination such as cinnamon water with honey is very common. Take half teaspoon Cinnamon and half teaspoon honey mix it with Luke warm water and have it first thing in the morning.

Having said that consistency is the key…

If you drink this combination one day it won’t give you results. Since we want a sustainable weight loss program you need to make cinnamon water a habit.

If you don’t like to have one drink daily then you can try various combinations.

I have listed many combinations below.

Sprinkling Cinnamon Powder on foods and Juices for weight loss

Sprinkle cinnamon powder for weight loss

Do you like to drink a glass of fresh juice or Milk? If yes then make it even healthier by sprinkling Cinnamon Powder.

Make sure the powder that you sprinkle is very fine. Make it a habit of including it in your Lunch or dinner.

Enjoy the normal Dal and rice by mildly sprinkling the powder over it.

While doing so don’t sprinkle the powder when your curry or Dal is extremely hot. Let the curry or any other food items cool down a bit and then add cinnamon powder on it.

This powder becomes potent when you consume it with zero oil dishes as Zero oil food does not have any added triglycerides or Cholesterol.

So if you like dal and rice then go for Zero Oil Dal followed by sprinkling dalchini powder on it.

I have personally found Cinnamon powder to work much faster when used in fruit juices or even better vegetable smoothies.

One such simple combination is Cinnamon powder and Spinach juice.

  • Take fresh Spinach and carrots, put it in a juicer.
  • Extract the juice and add half teaspoon Cinnamon powder.
  • Have it during breakfast.

One thing you need to remember is that you need to exclude tea and coffee from your diet when doing this.

It will give you faster results as tea and coffee makes it harder to detoxify the liver.

Note: Adding Sugar to it will ruin the whole process, so sugar is a big no no.

Cinnamon and honey for weight loss

Cinnamon powder and honey for weight loss

This is the most common combination you will ever see that everyone talks about.

Go to any dietician and this is the first thing that every dieticians will recommend you to include in your diet.

This combination has become popular because many doctors and dieticians have realized the potency of Cinnamon and honey for weight loss.

You will be surprised to hear that this is not a modern day technique to lose weight. This combination is being used since ancient times in countries like India.

Benefits of Cinnamon and Honey have been studied by many Ayurvedic and Modern day doctors.

The fact that it helps in burning fat has been proved scientifically. Many scientific studies and evidences prove that it flushes out toxins from the liver and does a perfect job of assimilating stubborn fat from your body

Cinnamon and honey not only helps you to lose weight but recent studies also show that it plays a significant role in reversing Coronary Artery Disease.

Have this drink for 60 days and do the cholesterol check, you will be amazed with the results.

So the question is…

How to make Cinnamon water and Honey for weight loss?

Make this amazing drink in 3 simple steps.

  • Take half tea spoon finely grind ed Cinnamon powder.
  • A glass of boiled water, it should be warm and at the same time it should be drinkable.
  • Mix half teaspoon honey.

Drink this water twice a day (Empty Stomach every morning and two hours after dinner before going to bed.)

Cinnamon and lemon for weight loss

Cinnamon and Lemon for weight loss

Cinnamon when mixed with lemon literally becomes a medicine.

Yes that’s true it becomes an ayurvedic medicine to treat multiple ailments related to obesity.

In fact it reduces the overall body weight by cleansing your liver and reducing your cholesterol levels.

In Ayurveda ancient doctors frequently prescribed Cinnamon and Lemon for weight loss. There are two ways to make this fat cutter drink.

1.) Cinnamon Tea mixed with lemon

Take a cinnamon Stick and boil it until the water turns brownish.
Let it cool down, add few drops of lemon Juice and replace this with the regular tea.

Try this for next 21 days and see the benefits

2.) Cinnamon Powder with Lemon Juice.

To make this drink you need not boil the water. Instead you can make this drink in 2 easy steps.

  • Take a glass of Luke warm water
  • Add half tea spoon Cinnamon Powder and one teaspoon lime juice, mix it well.
  • Have it twice a day.

While this drink is very beneficial, overdose may have some side effects such as lose motion and nausea so please don’t exceed the dosage.

Use cinnamon for weight loss wisely by avoiding overdose, ideal dose is half tea spoon per session.

Have patience and be disciplined with this approach, result is almost guaranteed provided you are not suffering from critical illness.

Cinnamon powder and Skimmed milk for reducing weight

Cinnamon milk for weight loss

Surprised that milk is included in this list? Well let me tell you Skimmed milk is low on Bad fats.

Majority of the work is done by Cinnamon and milk has very few role to play except the high calcium levels and proteins that it provides.

Kids and adults both don’t like the taste of standard milk, however when the milk is boiled with Cinnamon Powder and Cardamom, the taste and aroma becomes awesome.

Skimmed Milk and cinnamon for weight loss is an ancient remedy which was used way before the modern day doctors discovered the benefits of cinnamon.

Just in case you want to make skimmed Cinnamon milk at home then this is what you need to do.

Step 1: Buy Skimmed milk or make skimmed milk at home.

This is how you make skimmed cinnamon milk at home.

  • Take two glasses of cow milk (Don’t use buffalo milk as it’s very high on fat).
  • Boil the milk until it starts rising in the Pan.
  • Let the milk cool down.
  • Remove the top layer that is thick (You may apply this on your face to get extra glow).
  • Boil it again and repeat the same steps as above.
  • Boil it once again and do the same again.
  • Your Skimmed Milk is ready.

Step 2: Boil the Skimmed Milk with Cinnamon Powder or Stick.

Step 3: Add honey for sweetness (Avoid if you are diabetic).

For flavor you can add one cardamom.

Have this drink in morning during breakfast by replacing the regular tea.

Tip: If you are used to taking Milk before bed then try this combination.

During bed time boil the skimmed milk with Cinnamon, cardamom and Turmeric. For sweetness you can add honey, avoid honey if you are diabetic.

Avoid Milk if you have any heart ailments. Instead of milk simply use water to reverse Coronary arterial disease.

Cinnamon stick for weight loss

Cinnamon stick for weight loss

Cinnamon sticks can be used in many ways to help you lose weight. Here are some best knows ways to implement Cinnamon stick in your diet.

  • Consume Cinnamon tea made with whole cinnamon stick.
  • Boiled Skim milk with whole cinnamon stick.
  • Include cinnamon Stick while making Dal or Soups.
  • Make Rava upma by adding Cinnamon sticks in it.
  • While cooking vegetables, simply add Cinnamon stick to enhance the taste and improve your health.

With all the benefits of cinnamon in place people repeatedly ask me…

Can Cinnamon burn belly fat?

The answer is Yes and no, there are no magic supplement or medicine specially meant to burn fat from your belly.

Having said that Cinnamon improves the metabolism thereby playing a supporting role to burn belly fat.

In order to burn belly fat whole body needs to be worked upon. Yes that’s right our body functions in a very funny way.

While burning fat belly is the last place from where the fat is burnt.

While gaining weight belly is the first place where stubborn fat accumulates.

While we all know cinnamon can do the trick when it comes to burning fat from your body, you should no overdo or over consume it…

What happens when you eat too much Cinnamon?

Too much cinnamon can lead to Nausea, uneasiness, Depression, breathing issues, Toxicity in liver, increased heart rate and sleep issues.

Do not consume more than one teaspoon cinnamon in a single day (1/2 tea spoon in morning and ½ tea spoon at night is good enough for desired results.)

Cinnamon, Lemon, honey and Ginger for weight loss

Cinnamon ginger honey lemon for weight loss

We all are familiar with tons of benefits that Honey Lemon and ginger offers. In fact Lemon, Ginger and Honey was used to cure heart disease in ancient times.

Let’s take this combination even further by adding cinnamon to it.

Cinnamon when mixed with Honey, Lemon and ginger becomes a potent anti-obesity medicine. It not only reduces the overall body weight but also cleanses the arterial plaque and liver.

This mixture when consumed thrice a week for a month will give you astounding results. Best part of it is that you don’t have to work out like crazy body builders or gymnast.

Cinnamon, Lemon, Ginger and honey works by boosting the metabolism and fighting free radicals in your body. So don’t be surprised if you lose weight by 5 – 10 pounds within couple of months.

Note: Using cinnamon for weight loss is a good idea but overdose is definitely not a wise idea. Stick to one teaspoon  a day.

So how do you make this amazing fat cutter?

Make this drink in 6 easy steps.

Step 1: Cut the lemons by removing the seeds.
Make sure you don’t peel off the skin, keep the skin intact.

Step 2: Take one inch ginger and peel it off.
Chop the ginger so it can fit appropriately in the grinder.

Step 3: Add some water and grind Lemon and ginger into a paste.

Step 4: Take two glasses of water in a pan.
Boil it by adding the ginger lemon paste on a mild flame.
Stop it once you have one glass of water left in the Pan.

Step 5: Let the mixture cool down, add ½ teaspoon cinnamon powder on it.

Step 6: Drink 2 table spoon of this mixture twice a day.

Cinnamon and Clove for weight loss

cinnamon and clove for weight loss

Clove is an ancient medicine that was primarily used to control tooth ache. Having said that there are truckloads of other benefits that Clove has to offer.

In Ayurveda, clove is prescribed to cure disrupted inner linings of GI tract. Moreover Cloves reduces inflammation and fights free radicals too.

We all know that Obesity or being overweight is mostly due to inflamed fat cells in the body.

Consuming Cinnamon and Cloves for weight loss is the perfect option for those looking to lose weight naturally without any drugs.

Preparing Cinnamon and clove water is just as easy as boiling a glass of water. To make this drink all you need is a glass of water, small cinnamon stick and 2 cloves.

This is how you make cinnamon and clove water.

Step 1: Take half inch Cinnamon and two cloves

Step 2: Take a glass of water and add it to a pan.

Step 3: Boil Cloves and Cinnamon stick until the water turns brown.

Step 4: Let it cool until its Luke warm and have it twice a day.

Additionally you can also use Cinnamon Powder instead of stick, this is how you do it.

Step 1: Take Half Teaspoon cinnamon powder

Step 2: Take a Glass of water

Step 3: Take two cloves

Step 4: Boil the water with Cloves in it, do not add cinnamon powder now.

Step 5: Moment the water turns brown let the water cool down.

Step 6: Add half teaspoon Cinnamon powder mix it well and have it.

Cinnamon and Cardamom for losing weight

Cardamom and cinnamon for weight loss

This is similar to what I have mentioned above, instead of cloves you can add cardamom.

If you have noticed, I have mentioned all the combination that is directly or indirectly related to your digestive system therefore Cardamom is not a surprise.

Cardamom Seeds and whole cardamom is actually an ayurvedic medicine for weight loss when used in right dosage.

Cardamom is primarily prescribed to cure digestive issues such heartburn, Fatty liver, Stomach pain, gastrointestinal disorders and gallbladder problems.

While working on this cure what cardamom also does is enhancement of body’s fat assimilation capacity. This fat assimilation happens automatically when other digestive disorders are fixed.

Being Obese is not a natural phenomenon, it occurs due to underlying cause such as poor digestive system, poor metabolism, Thyroid, Diabetes, High blood pressure and many other factors.

When we fix the underlying cause by way of natural medicine such as cardamom and cinnamon weight loss just becomes a byproduct of it.

This is not a negative byproduct but a positive one as the weight attained after fixing the underlying cause is almost permanent and sustainable unless you start or pick up any bad habits such as smoking or alcohol consumption or too much oily food.

To make Cinnamon and Cardamom water for weight loss follow the below steps:

Step 1: Take a glass of water and put it in a pan

Step 2: Remove the Cardamom seeds and put it in the pan.

Step 3: Add half inch cinnamon stick

Step 4: Boil the water until its mild brown.

Step 5: Let it cool down, Have it twice a day.

Also you need to keep one thing in mind that you should not try all the 16 combination at once. Instead try to use these combinations one day at a time.

You can also use Cinnamon powder instead of Whole stick cinnamon if you prefer.

The trick would remain the same i.e. Boil the water only with Cardamom seeds and let the water cool down, once the water is Luke warm add Cinnamon powder, mix it well and have it.

Cinnamon and fenugreek for weight loss

fenugreek seeds and cinnamon for weight loss 

Fenugreek Seeds are excellent for treating Diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure. It becomes potent weight loss drink combined with Cinnamon water or powder.

There are two ways you can make this combination.

1.) Overnight soaking

  • Take two spoonful of fenugreek seeds and mix it with half a glass of water and let it soak overnight.
  • In the morning take half a glass of water and half inch cinnamon stick and boil the water until its mild brown.
  • Cool down the mixture and mix it with Fenugreek water, consume it on empty stomach.
  • After an hour consume the fenugreek seeds by chewing it.
  • Don’t eat anything for next 1 hour, it’s OK to go for low fat breakfast after an hour.

2.) Boiling Fenugreek Seeds

  • Take a glass of water.
  • Put 2 tea spoonful of Fenugreek seeds
  • Boil the water until it changes the color
  • Let it cool down, strain and extract the water
  • Mix Cinnamon powder with Fenugreek water and have it empty stomach.
  • After 30 minutes chew the fenugreek seeds and don’t eat anything for next one hour.

I recommend the overnight soaking method as it works amazingly fast and it’s highly effective.

Cinnamon and turmeric for weight loss

Cinnamon and turmeric powder for weight loss 

We all know the amazing benefits of turmeric and its anti-cancer properties. Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory medicine in Ayurveda and is a powerful weight loss remedy.

Turmeric combined with Cinnamon will not only correct the metabolic disorder but also boost the fat burning process by correcting your Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

This is how you can make this simple drink for weight loss.

Step 1: Take a glass of water, add some turmeric powder and boil it for 3 – 4 minutes.

Step 2: Strain the water and Mix half tea spoon cinnamon powder and have it twice a day.

The other method to make Turmeric cinnamon weight loss drink is by boiling Cinnamon stick for a min and then adding turmeric powder.

Boil it for next 5 – 6 minutes, let the water cool down and have it twice a day.

Cinnamon mixed with Apple cider vinegar for weight loss

Cinnamon and apple cider vinegar for weight loss 

Using Cinnamon and Apple cider vinegar for weight loss is an age old technique.

Apple cider vinegar alone is hugely popular for its weight loss benefits. When Cinnamon powder or water mixes with ACV, it becomes a typical weight loss medicine.

The reason this combination makes in my list is because Apple cider vinegar is hugely capable of flushing toxins out of liver and blood stream, while Cinnamon water or powder rejuvenates the cells with its high levels of antioxidants.

Simple way to make cinnamon and apple cider vinegar drink is outlined below:

  • Take a glass of water.
  • Half inch cinnamon stick.
  • Boil the Cinnamon Stick until its mild brown.
  • Let the mixture cool down.
  • Mix One teaspoon Apple cider vinegar, have it empty stomach every morning.
  • Additionally you can also add honey to it, avoid if you are diabetic.

Alternatively you can also use Cinnamon powder to make this drink. It’s even simpler to make this.

  • Take a glass of warm water.
  • Mix half teaspoon cinnamon powder.
  • Add one teaspoon Apple cider vinegar.
  • Add honey if you want and have it.

I personally recommend boiling cinnamon stick method.

Use any one of the methods mentioned above, don’t try to implement both at once. As the idea is to benefit from ideal dosage and not to overdose yourself.

Cinnamon and Ajwain for weight loss

Cinnamon and ajwain powder for weight loss 

Ajwain in English is also known as carom seeds.

In India Ajwain is being used since ancient times for curing gastrointestinal disorders, diabetes and other metabolic disorders.

Ayurvedic doctors frequently prescribe Ajwain for treating stomach related ailments like.

  • Fatty Liver.
  • Reducing cholesterol.
  • Curing Acidity.
  • Correcting appetite.
  • Speeding up the digestion.
  • Treating diabetes.

While Ajwain is good in many ways, when Ajwain water is mixed with Cinnamon water or Powder it acts as Ayurvedic weight loss medicine. Below is how you can prepare this amazing weight loss drink.

  • Take a glass of water.
  • Take a teaspoon full of Ajwain seeds.
  • Boil the water until the water turns golden.
  • Let it cool down
  • Mix half tea spoon cinnamon powder, mix it well
  • Strain and accumulate water.
  • Have it before bed.

Alternate method to make this drink is by boiling both Cinnamon stick and Ajwain seeds together.

It’s recommended to take this mixture at least 3 times a week before bed especially when you eat heavy or high calorie dinner.

Cinnamon and black pepper for weight loss

 Black pepper and cinnamon for weight loss

Black pepper is loaded with tons of Minerals such as copper, Potassium, magnesium, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, iron, Phosphorous and on and on…

Multiple studies have been conducted on Black pepper and it was found that it has the amazing capability of keeping your blood vessels elastic and open.

Black peppers have this amazing ability to clean your heart arteries and keep common ailments like cold and flu miles away.

The strong and hot flavor of pepper activates the body’s digestive function and boosts the metabolism better than any other herbs or medicine.

Black pepper together with cinnamon is more of a metabolism boosting drink and not a direct weight loss medicine.

It burns the unwanted fat through correcting the metabolism and correcting the liver function.

Regular consumption of this drink will ensure your liver does not produce excess cholesterol.

Moreover, if you are suffering from fatty liver this is the go to drink for you. Do not consume if you have cirrhosis of liver.

To make this weight loss drink you simply need to follow the below steps.

Step 1: Boil half inch cinnamon stick in a pan (Use one glass water only).

Step 2: Let the water become mild warm, mix 1/4th Teaspoon of black pepper.

Step 3: Have it once before breakfast or 2 hours after dinner before bed (Have this only once a day).

Alternatively, you can simply use Luke warm water, Add cinnamon and Black pepper powder mix it well and have it.

Add honey if you find it difficult to consume it. Avoid honey if you are diabetic.

Cinnamon capsules for weight loss

Cinnamon capsules for weight loss

This is Last in the list because I don’t always recommend capsules. The problem with capsule is that it’s very hard to find the organic cinnamon capsules.

Moreover, you don’t know how it’s made, unless it’s from trusted brands in your country.

Use Cinnamon capsules only as a last option.

If you can make powder at home or consume whole stick water as suggested above, that will be 10 times more beneficial than regular capsules. Additionally Normal Stick and powder will be inexpensive than the regular capsules.

Any brands that I would recommend for capsule?

The answer is no since I am not in favor of prescribing capsules when you already have natural Stick and powder readily available.


What goes well with Cinnamon for weight loss?

food items that go well with cinnamon

Pretty much any healthy dishes go well with cinnamon. Whether it’s an Indian dish or Continental food you can include cinnamon as a whole stick or powder.

Do you drink soup? If yes then simply sprinkle some powder on it.

If you consume dal or curry simply sprinkle on it. For tadka as well you can include whole cinnamon stick with Bay leaves.

Do you eat lots of fruits and salads? Sprinkle some cinnamon powder on it and see the waist line coming back into shape.

One of the most common and best food items that goes well with Cinnamon is Cinnamon and peanut butter toast.

Take two slice brown bread or whole wheat bread, toast it and spread Peanut butter over it. Sprinkle some cinnamon powder, add the other half of the bread and have it for breakfast.

The other combination you can try is sprinkling some cinnamon powder over sliced bananas or sliced apples.

If you drink milk shakes then simply make your milk shake and sprinkle some cinnamon powder over it.

I personally recommend Skimmed milk apple shake with cinnamon powder sprinkled on it. This is best for replacing tea and coffee.

Types of Cinnamon used for weight loss

Types of cinnamon for weight loss

There are mainly 4 types of cinnamon commonly used for weight loss and for cooking.

Cassia cinnamon

Cassia cinnamon is very common in India, so if you are in India and consuming Cinnamon for weight loss or using it as a spice then most likely its Cassia Cinnamon.

The easiest way to identify Cassia Cinnamon is to check the color.

Cassia Cinnamon will be Dark brown in color also the bark of Cassia Cinnamon is very rough.

Saigon cinnamon

This type of cinnamon is commonly known as Vietnamese Cinnamon.

Easiest way to identify is through its taste, it has strongest of taste than all the other counterparts.

Ceylon cinnamon

Ceylon Cinnamon is commonly found in Sri Lanka.

Ceylon bark is smooth as opposed to Cassia bark. This type of Cinnamon is considered to be the purest or real.

Easiest way to identify Ceylon Cinnamon is to check the layer, it has multiple layers and the bark is thin in nature.

Indonesian cinnamon

This type of Cinnamon is mostly used as a spice and not as a weight loss supplement.

Having said that Indonesian Cinnamon can still be used to get the weight loss benefits.

Indonesian cinnamon has a strong aroma and is Spicy in nature.

For weight loss best is to use Cassian Cinnamon or Ceylon the other two can be used as a spice.

So in a Nutshell, if you want to use cinnamon as a spice use Saigon or Indonesian Cinnamon.

For using Cinnamon for weight loss you can include Ceylon or Cassia.

Buying Cinnamon Powder vs Organic Cinnamon Sticks

Buying vs organic cinnamon

Buying cinnamon supplements or ready made powder is the last thing that I would recommend. Buy the powder only if you don’t have a choice.

As I have explained above, if you can make Cinnamon powder at home it will have tons of benefits.

Making Cinnamon powder at home is beneficial because it assures you the quality of powder. 

Instead of buying the ready made powder purchase organic Cinnamon sticks and grind it at home. You can easily get organic Cinnamon sticks online at stores like Amazon.

 Making Cinnamon Powder at home

If you don’t want to buy Cinnamon powder online then you can make it at home.

You can make this powder in 3 Easy steps.

Step 1: Take Organic Cinnamon Sticks and put it in the grinder.

How to make cinnamon powder

Step 2: Grind it until it’s extremely fine.

Grinded cinnamon powder

Step 3: Have it in any of the combination mentioned above.

Storing Cinnamon Powder

Storing Cinnamon

Both Cinnamon stick and powder should be stored in air tight container. The container can be made up of Steel or high quality Plastic container.

Keeping cinnamon in open will shorten its shelf life and thereby it may no longer be palatable.

Can Cinnamon expire?

Yes, you need to make a special note of the fact that Shelf life of Cinnamon powder is around 6 – 8 months, whereas the Life of whole stick is beyond a year.

So if you are preparing the powder make sure you consume it within 6 months ideally.

If you are using Cinnamon Sticks then consume it within a year (Provided you have stored in air tight container.)

Additional benefits of Cinnamon

additional benefits of cinnamon

Weight Loss

Cinnamon promotes weight loss without any side effects if consumed in appropriate quantity.

It is true that Dalchini burns the fat cells when consumed on empty stomach but it does not directly aids fat burning process.

Instead it works by regulating the insulin production and fighting fat cells inflammation.

Regular consumption of Dalchini water or tea will help you to boost the metabolism and keep irregular cravings away.

To lose weight you need not consume liters of Cinnamon tea or water. All you need it two glass daily and see the astounding results within months.

There are multiple ways to include Dalchini in your daily diet, we will discuss that further below.

Blood Pressure

Dalchini Keeps blood pressure and inflammation in check.

It regulates blood pressure by relaxing the blood vessels and easing the blood flow in the arteries.

A single dose of Cinnamon drink will give you around 36 mg of potassium and 5.32 mg of Magnesium. This helps to keep the pressure levels normal.

Healthy arteries means healthy heart thereby contributing to overall well being. When all the three Doshas are in top condition one need not worry about the weight loss.

Fat assimilation would never be a problem when you include Dalchini in your diet. No matter which part of the body the fat is located, cinnamon has the ability to clear the unwanted fat cells rapidly.

Cinnamon benefits Heart

Since consumption of Cinnamon helps maintaining healthy pressure levels and cleanses the arteries your heart stays in top notch condition.

It increases the exercise capacity by improving the heart function.

Cinnamaldehyde, a flavonoid found in Cinnamon has already been proven for its anticlotting properties, therefore if there is an event of heart attack cinnamon has the ability to fight clotting.

Cholesterol, triglycerides and fat assimilation will never be a challenge if Dalchini is consumed on daily basis.

The calcium and fiber contents in Cinnamon not only improves the colon health but also promotes healthy heart.


Diabetes is the most common lifestyle disease affecting millions of people today. This is mostly due to poor lifestyle and improper eating habits. Lack of exercise as well contributes to this disease.

Make sure you take Cinnamon for weight loss and diabetes two times daily and see the drastic change in your body in 6 months.

Within 6 months you will realize that the dependency on insulin or medicine is decreasing.

Monitor the sugar levels regularly and when you see the sugar levels are going down drastically start reducing the medicine dosage. You will find that within a year your sugar levels are as per text books.

Anti-cancer and Antioxidants

Using Cinnamon for weight loss has some positive side effects. Side effects such as regulation of free radicals, anti-cancer properties and tons of antioxidants not only makes this drink healthy but also makes you young and fit.

Majority of the benefits is derived from Anti-oxidants in Cinnamon. Dalchini is rich is Polyphenols and procyanidins. High levels of antioxidants make life of cancer cells difficult to thrive inside the body.

Liver Detox

Cinnamon water once day helps you to detoxify the liver. While it is an amazing cleanser you should avoid the overdose. Overdose of cinnamon can lead to hepatotoxicity and disrupt the normal liver function.

Ideal dose is 1 teaspoon in an entire day.

½ teaspoon morning and half teaspoon before bed.

Adopt any of the above mentioned combination to use Cinnamon for weight loss and other health benefits.

Controls acidity

Dalchini water is an excellent drink to cleanse the bowel and keep acidity at bay. Regular consumption of Cinnamon regulates bile movement and does not allow your stomach to produce unwanted acidic burps.

Best time to consume Cinnamon water is before bed if you are dealing with acidity.

Improves digestion

Since this is a complete weight loss drink it works on improving the digestion first. It improves digestion by boosting metabolism. This boost in metabolism is not obtained overnight, discipline is the key.

So it’s a silo effect, it improves metabolism which improves digestion thereby rewarding you through sustainable weight loss.

Nutritional contents in Cinnamon

Cinnamon nutritional Contents
Cinnamon nutritional Contents

Some Frequently asked questions about Cinnamon…

How Much cinnamon should you eat a day?

You should not consume more than 2 teaspoon full cinnamon in an entire day. Also 2 teaspoon should not go at one go.

Recommended dosage is ½ teaspoon at a time which means you can have cinnamon 4 times a day if you don’t have any underlying physical condition.

Who should avoid cinnamon?

Anyone who has any medical condition related to Liver, Kidney or heart should avoid if no advice has been taken from doctor.

Consult your doctor before starting with Cinnamon if you have any medical condition. It may have side effects especially for those who are on blood thinners and high dosage of Insulin.

How can I use cinnamon to lose weight?

You can use cinnamon in your daily diet in 16 ways, right from Cinnamon Tea to Cinnamon drink with various combination as mentioned above.

The simplest way to implement Cinnamon in your diet is ½ teaspoon cinnamon with Half teaspoon Honey. Mix both in a glass of warm water and have it empty stomach every morning.

Is it Bad to eat too much Cinnamon?

Too much Cinnamon can have some serious side effects. Anything that we overdo will give you side effects no matter how healthy it is.

 Too much cinnamon consumption can damage your liver, heart and lungs. Stick to the optimum dosage of two teaspoons a day. This two teaspoonful of cinnamon should not go at one go.

At a time you can consume half teaspoon.

I would recommend the dosage to be somewhere around 1 to 2 teaspoons a day while maintaining two teaspoons as the extreme threshold.

Can Cinnamon kill you?

Yes, cinnamon can kill you and so can any other food items. Overdose of any edible foods can have some serious side effects and death as well.

Avoid cinnamon if you have any medical condition that needs doctor’s advice. Consume cinnamon in moderate quantity to get the benefits.

Why can’t we eat spoonful of cinnamon?

Spoonful of cinnamon is not recommended because it can choke your wind pipe and it’s too potent for your body to absorb. ½ teaspoon is the gold standard as of now.

How do you know if you are allergic to cinnamon?

While there are very few cases of side effects with cinnamon there are few symptoms that signifies the allergic reaction. These allergic reactions include:

  • Nausea
  • Skin rashes
  • Sneezing
  • Stomach ache
  • Asthmatic
  • Sleeplessness
  • Depression
  • And few others depending upon individual Body type.


Cinnamon for weight loss conclusion

Cinnamon is the medicine or supplement that you must include in your diet if you have a weight loss plan that is more than 30 days.

Since this is a holistic approach the initial results may be slow but when the snow ball starts rolling the weight loss results will be insane.

Going to dietician for weight loss is not a solution as you will end up paying lots of money.

Dietician can only give you diet plan and it’s up to you to follow it.

Use cinnamon for weight loss for at least 90 days to see the results. The weight loss derived from Cinnamon will be something which you can maintain it easily as it’s totally a holistic approach.

Cinnamon won’t help you lose weight directly, instead it works by correcting the body’s disturbed dosha’s as per Ayurveda.

Special Note: Out of all the remedies mentioned above for weight loss use only one or two combination that you like. Please don’t try to use all at once as it will give you negative side effects.

Hope you have liked this article, please don’t forget to spread the awareness of this wonderful gift of nature by sharing it.

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