How to Lose Weight Eating anything? (8 Hour Diet)

Today In this article you will learn one of the biggest secret of weight loss industry. We all talk about diets and workouts but do you know if you can ignite the autophagy mechanism, weight gain will never be a problem?

Now, what is Autophagy?

Autophagy is our body’s mechanism to eat up the unused resources internally. Auto-phagy in a nutshell, uses waste and toxins within our body to convert that into source of energy.

What this means is, it also stops the abnormal cellular growth and keeps inflammation away. When this happens your body comes back to healing stage and starts correcting the metabolic and digestive related disorders.

So how do we ignite Autophagy and get into healing stage?

The Answer is simple 8 Hour diet.

What this 8 hour diet means is that you are allowed to eating anything within those 8 hours window and nothing before or after.

So eat whatever you want within those 8 hour window. While we would want to have as much natural foods like green veggies, salads and fruits within those 8 hours, if you are foodie and simply cannot ignore the food you like you are free to have it within those 8 hour window.

Now, I must say weight loss is not the only result that you will get when you follow this pattern, but there are tons of other positive byproducts too.

Some of the key benefits of 8 hour Diet

Removes Toxic Proteins

Autophagy Mechanism helps to get rid of toxic proteins from your cells. These toxic proteins are known to promote Parkinson, Alzheimer’s and other degenerative disorders.

So by going into the autophagy stage our body does the toxic and fat assimilation much efficiently and promotes healthy cellular growth.

Remove excess Fat

When the autophagy mechanism kicks in, our body simply reacts and tries to consume anything extra or abnormal that we have in our body and fat too is not an exception.

If you are obese, Autophagy mechanism may take some time to trigger but once it does, be prepared to lose pounds after pounds in no time.

Best part is you can eat anything you want within that 8 hour window.


Autophagy mechanism eats cancer cells.

When Autophagy mechanism is triggered, it directly goes after the cancerous, tumorous and abnormal cells so that it can use it to produce energy. Having said that if you want to completely heal yourself from diseases like asthma, inflammation, diabetes and other chronic problems then you need to enhance autophagy mechanism by eating as much fruits and veggies as possible, especially foods that are high in nitric oxide.

How to Switch on the Autophagy Mechanism?

Follow the below steps to ignite autophagy in as less time as possible.

  • Start by fasting for 24 hours – Only drink water for 24 hours (don’t worry you won’t die)
  • Next day Prepare an 8 hour where you will eat – Eat anything you want within those 8 hour window.
  • Include tons of fruits and veggies high in nitric oxide within those 8 hour window
  • Drink Bottle gourd juice every morning on empty stomach.
  • Go for at least 30 minutes’ walk
  • Follow this sequence, there are 7 days in a week so fast for 24 hours the very first day and then eat anything within 8 hour window.

Doing this should ignite autophagy.


Our body is extremely intelligent we are simply making use of its intelligence to get the maximum out of it. By igniting Autophagy we are not only forcing our body to lose weight but we are also forcing it to eliminate toxins and potentially dangerous cells from our body.

Autophagy actually works and has already been proven by Nobel Prize winner Dr Yoshinori Ohsumi, where he has gone on to prove that it can destroy the cancerous cells.

Stay healthy stay safe and feel free to comment below if you have liked this quick and short article.

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