12 Simple yet effective Home Remedies for Toe Nail Fungus

In this article you learn about some of best home remedies for toe nail fungus.

Toe Nail fungus not only looks ugly but it can hurt at times. Generally Toe Nail fungus does not hurt if it’s not fully developed. But when the infection starts spreading things can get really ugly and certainly make you feel uncomfortable about it.

Not everyone suffers from toe nail fungus infections but those who suffer, they know the actual pain. So basically toe nail infection is a buildup of fungus that enters through the crack or cut in your skin. Things really become ugly when the color of your nail starts to change.

While toe nail infections are generally not life threatening it at times can become extremely painful and treatment may not be comfortable. So if you are suffering from high degree toe nail infection, it’s always advisable to rush to Skin specialists OR General Physician.

Toe nail fungus can be killed/treated using simple home remedies which I will show you below. Before that lets take a quick look at the reasons why toenail fungus infection happens.

Some of the common reason why toenail infection takes place are as below:

  • Hygiene: If we don’t maintain proper hygiene of our feet, infection can happen anywhere.
  • Abnormal pH: When our skin loses the capability of maintaining the proper pH balance, manifestation of fungus can certainly take place there.
  • Uncomfortable Socks: If you wear uncomfortable socks that don’t allow your skin to breathe such infection can easily take place.
  • Weakened Immunity: Infection can happen anywhere in your body if you have a weakened immune system. Therefore toe nail infection due to weakened immune system should not surprise you.
  • Weak Blood circulation: If you are suffering from poor blood circulation anywhere in your body, infection can easily take place in those areas. Since toe nail is located at the extreme end of our body, chances of infection taking place in those areas are high.
  • Poor Sweat Management: If you don’t allow your body to sweat freely in those areas due to tight socks, infection tends to happen as the bacteria just sits over there.

Now that we know the reason why Toe nail infection occurs, let’s take a quick look at the home remedies to treat toe nail fungus.

Home Remedies for Toe Nail Fungus

1.) Apple Cider Vinegar with Lemon juice

Over the years we have known apple cider vinegar for its healing properties internally but did you know apple cider vinegars can kill the bacteria and fungus due to its strong anti-bacterial properties?

That’s right Apple cider vinegar and Lemon contains strong anti-fungal qualities that can kill the infection in the initial stages.

To make this infection fighting liquid you will need below ingredients.

  • Half a Lemon
  • 2 teaspoon Apple cider vinegar

Once you have the above ingredients ready simply extract the juice from Lemon water and mix it with apple cider vinegar.

Apply this mixture twice a day on your toe nails and you will slowly see the improvements. Having said that if the infection is serious then I would recommend reaching out to your local physician.

2.) Listerine and Vinegar

So all this years you have been using Listerine to kill the bacteria in your mouth. Did you know Listerine Contains strong anti-septic properties that kills strongest of bacteria?

Well if it an kill the strong bacteria in your mouth just imagine what it can do to the external infections.

Basically it is the alcohol content in Listerine that does the trick. So if you don’t find Listerine simply opt for other mouthwash brands.

So, to implement this follow the below steps.

  • Take 1 teaspoon Listerine and 1 teaspoon white vinegar.
  • Mix it well
  • Spread it thoroughly on your toe nail infection.

Do this for a week to see visible difference.

3.) Garlic and Ginger Juice

Ginger and Garlic juice are excellent for health when consumed internally but when this mixture is applied externally it becomes a potential anti-bacterial ointment.

Both Ginger and garlic are anti-microbial in nature and therefore keeps the bacteria and fungus away.

To make this natural ointment follow the below steps:

  • Take three heads garlic and half an inch ginger
  • Smash if thoroughly, make it a paste.
  • Apply the paste on your toe nail infection.
  • Wash it after 30 minutes

Doing this will help you to restore your nail colors and bring the nails to normal state.

Alternatively you may also apply garlic oil.

4.) Organic Turmeric Powder paste

We all use turmeric’s in our food for the color and flavor. But turmeric’s not only give taste and color to our food, it also has anti-microbial and anti- bacterial properties.

Applying turmeric’s in wounds can be an excellent way to enhance the healing process and fight infections.

Likewise if turmeric paste is applied to toe nail infection, it can help you to quickly recover in as less as a week.

Here’s how you can apply turmeric paste to your toe nail infection.

  • Take 1 teaspoon turmeric and add few drops of water so that you can make it as a paste.
  • Once you have managed to make the paste, simply apply the paste on your infection every night.
  • Keep it as it is overnight.
  • Wash your feet in the morning

Doing this will give you relief up to certain extent. In fact if you are doing this in your initial stages, your toe nail will recover quickly.

5.) Vicks Vaporub

Are you surprised to see this ion our list? Well let me tell you, Wicks is ideally meant for cough and cold but it has ingredients such as camphor and eucalyptus oil has a great potential to treat toe nail fungus.

In 2011 there was actually a study conducted on this and it was found that Vicks may help to heal toenail fungus up to certain extent (1).

Ok, now that you know how Vicks may benefits you, here’s how you can use it to treat toe nail fungus.

  • Take small amount of Vicks Vaporub and rub that on your toenail infection.
  • Do this once or twice a day, you should see some relief.

6.) Oregano Oil

Oregano oil can be one of the best home remedy to treat toenail fungus. It’s because Oregano’s contain Thymol. It’s a naturally occurring phenol that has a powerful effect on treating fungus due to anti-bacterial properties (2).

Best way to use Oregano oil is to keep it simple that is no other ingredient needs to be added.

Simply dip your finger in the oil and rub it to the affected areas. Doing this for more than a week should start producing positive results.

7.) Neem Leaves Paste

Neem is actually a tree that has anti-microbial properties and taste of the leaves are extremely bitter.

You can either use Neem leaves paste or Neem oil to treat the fungus and infection. Best is to use it in form of paste.

To make Neem powder paste, simple grind the leaves until it becomes a paste, post which apply the paste on the affected areas.

Do this for a week and healing process should kick in.

8.) Snakeroot Extract

Snake Root is an ancient herbal remedy to treat multiple ailments. In India, snakeroot extract is being used since ancient time to treat mental illnesses and blood pressure.

Having said that Snakeroot contains strong anti-microbial properties that helps to treat fungus and bacteria.

In fact studies conducted on snake root oil for its effectiveness in treating toe nail fungus concluded that Snake roots are equally effective as prescription anti-fungal medicine (3).

Using this Oil is extremely easy.

  • Take a cotton and dip it in the oil
  • Apply the Oil to the toe nail infection.
  • Do this for couple of weeks.

Make sure when you try this remedy, you don’t mix any other ingredients.

9.) Lavender Oil

Just like its other counterparts above, Lavender oil also contains potent Anti-fungal properties (4).

Applying Lavender oils on infection and fungus has been known to produce positive results by destroying fungus infected cells in Vitro (6).

Using this simple home remedy is just as easy as applying an ointment.

  • Simply dip the cotton in oil
  • Apply the oil in toe nail

10.) Tea tree Oil

Tea tree oil is anti-bacterial in nature and is well known to for its antiseptic properties.

Even though we don’t have a conclusive study on this as more research is still needed, certain studies do show that Tea tree oil can be an effective remedy to treat toe nail fungus (7).

Using this oil is extremely simple.

Dip the finger in the oil and apply it on the toe nail. Use this remedy for 14 days to see positive results.

11.) Olive leaf extract

Olives contain oleuropein, an active compound that has anti-fungal, Anti-microbial and immune boosting properties.

Applying this oil on the toe nail finger can have positive effects.

To use this simply dip your finger in Oil and apply it on the affected areas. Do this for 2 weeks to see noticeable results.

12.) Baking Soda

We all know Baking Soda’s are alkaline in nature and Fungus OR Bacteria’s thrives in acidic environment.

You don’t need any special preparation to make this home remedy.

You simply need to mix Baking soda in a glass of water and wash the affected areas.

Here’s an ideal way to use this remedy.

  • Was the affected areas with baking soda.
  • Dry wipe the nails.
  • Apply Oregano Oil OR Lavender oil.

You should see noticeable results in as less as 1 week.


I hope you have liked the above home remedies for toe nail fungus.

Try this and feel free to share your experiences below. Do let us know if you of any other home remedies for treating toe fungus and share your success stories.

Lastly, try to consume more immune boosting food as toes nail infection may be happening to you because of poor immunity.

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