The 4 Simple-Ingredient Elixir that Clears Mucus from Lungs and Strengthens the Immune System

The 4 Simple-Ingredient Elixir that Clears Mucus from Lungs and Strengthens the Immune System

Due to frequent seasonal changes, allergy and weaker immunity we often suffer from common cold, runny nose, phlegm, coughs, sneezing and flu like symptoms.

To get rid of these symptoms we directly turn towards allopathic treatment without even knowing that we have a natural remedy at home for common cough, cold & Sneezing.

The remedy below will you to treat all the symptoms mentioned above and remove the excess mucus from your lungs and strengthen the immune system.

To make this powerful drink you will need only 4 ingredients.

Let’s take a quick look at the recipe:

Preparation time:  15 minutes


2 inch Ginger

150 ml water

2 tablespoon Organic honey

5 tablespoon Lemon

Pinch of black pepper powder

Procedure to make this Immune system boosting drink:

  • Chop the ginger into fine pieces
  • Pour 150 ml water in a pot and add the ginger
  • Boil it for 8 minutes
  • Leave the pot as it is until it cool down
  • Extract the water and mix lemon juice, honey and black pepper.
  • This drink is good enough for three doses.
  • Drink this in Morning, Mid-Morning and Evening.


If you are suffering from chronic allergy, asthma or chronic cough then it’s recommended you continue this remedy for at least 21 days. In worst cases you can continue it for 42 days.

Consumption of this drink will help you to flush out toxins, boost the immunity and expel excess mucus.

This home remedy is excellent for cleansing your Lungs and liver.

Benefits of this Drink


Consumption of honey is excellent for health as it contains bio-active plant compounds and antioxidants that boosts the immunity and fights common cold and cough (1).

In India, honey is commonly used along with black pepper powder to treat common cold and cough.

Studies indicate that Anti-oxidants in honey reduces the risk of heart attacks, cancer and strokes (2}.

Daily consumption of Honey helps to boost immune system and keep our gut happy as it contains probiotic bacteria (lactobacillus kunkeei).

Additionally, honey helps to fight fungi, viruses and bacteria up to certain extent.

One of the primary reason of including honey in this home remedy is because it has an excellent quality to reduce the inflammation.

Furthermore, consuming honey with plain warm water or consuming this 4 ingredient drink helps to get rid of sore throat as it’s helpful in fighting throat infection too.

Lastly, Honey also helps to heal wounds, treat ulcers and allergies due to high content of Anti-oxidants and flavonoids.


Lemons contain high amounts of Vitamin C and powerful anti-oxidants that boosts immunity.

This is a super food that our ancestors have been using for treating many ailments.

Some of the immediate benefits of consuming lemons are:

  • It helps you lose weight
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Improves digestion
  • Boosts Metabolism
  • Reverses arterial plaque
  • Prevents Kidney stones
  • Reduces cholesterol
  • Improves skin quality.

Lemons not only make a key component of this wonderful mucus flushing drink it’s also a powerful medicine when consumed in boiled form. That’s right Lemons when consumed in boiled form becomes a powerful drink and the benefits will actually surprise you.

Addition of Lemon to this 4 ingredient mucus flushing drink will help you to recover from the damage caused to you lungs from cough, smoke and pollution.


If you are suffering from Sinusitis, you simply cannot ignore ginger.

Ginger helps to remove the mucus from your lungs and stops the recurrence of cough, sinusitis and allergy due to its hot nature.

Ginger also helps to boost the metabolism and aids weight loss as well.

Furthermore, gingers can benefit you in many ways and here are some of the key benefits of ginger.

  • Fights throat infections
  • Cures cough, cold and sinusitis
  • It is anti-inflammatory
  • Helps to get rid of morning sickness
  • Excellent for those suffering from Asthma
  • Eases the blood flow
  • Excellent for heart as it reduces bad cholesterol

Black Pepper

Consumption of pepper helps to keep cough and cold away especially due its hot nature and presence of potent anti-oxidants and Anti-Microbial qualities.

Black pepper contains bio-active compounds that helps to controls formation of mucus in the lungs.

Some of the key benefits of consuming black Pepper:

  • It anti-Microbial and therefore keeps infections, viral cough and flu away.
  • Acts as Anti-depressant
  • It anti-inflammatory
  • Has Gastro-protective qualities
  • Fights free radicals
  • Cleanses lungs.

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