Drink boiled Lemon water to Witness these Jaw Dropping results

There are hundreds of health drinks that will popup if you do a simple search in google. Some health drinks are targeted for weight loss and some are meant for treating simple ailments like digestive disorders, Metabolic disorders, fatty liver, Constipation and so on.

We all know there are hundreds of drinks that already claims to get rid of above mentioned ailments.

But what If I told you that if you drink boiled lemon water early morning every alternate days you will be surprised with the kind of results it can give.

To be honest, drinking lemon water early in the morning on empty stomach is not an unknown drink.

We all know how beneficial it is.

But when this very Lemon water is boiled for 5 minutes, it becomes a potent drink to treat many ailments. It’s not only helpful in treating minor ailments but it can also keep some serious problems such as atherosclerosis, fatty liver and metabolic disorders away.

If you have already been drinking lemon water with honey in morning, just try this minor tweak. You should start seeing amazing results from day 7 itself.

The reason this technique is awesome, is because the real deal is in the peel and the pulp. When you boil it, all the goodness of peel and pulp gets dissolved in water. Of course you will lose some of the important elements when you boil it. But it’s still good enough to give you the astounding results.

Here’s how you can make this astounding drink.

Ingredients required are:

4 Cups of water

6-7 Lemons

2 – 3 Tablespoon Organic Honey

Once you have the above ingredients ready, simply follow the below steps.

  • Cut all the lemons into small pieces.
  • Put the lemons in water
  • Boil it for 5 Minutes
  • Let the solution cool down
  • Squeeze the lemons so that all the juices mixes well in the water.

Extract the water in a glass, mix it with organic honey and have it.

Benefits of drinking Boiled Lemon water

  1. Boosts immunity

Lemons are loaded with Vitamin C and Honey is the powerful source of Anti-Oxidants such as Phenolic compounds.

When the potency of Lemon is mixed with goodness of Honey it acts as an Immune boosting drink. Furthermore, if you are someone who regularly suffers from morning sickness, Asthma, cough and flu, this drink can give you relief up to certain extent.

  1. Fights coronary arterial disease

Boiled lemon water is actually an ancient greek remedy to treat heart related ailments.

For those suffering from heart block, they need to extend this remedy by adding Ginger and garlic to the solution i.e. when boiling lemon simply add ginger and garlic, boil it strain the water and have it by mixing it with honey.

For those who wants to stay healthy should simply use boiled lemon water strategy.

  1. Helpful in treating bad breath

To get this benefit, you don’t need to do anything special. Simply keep drinking this decoction and the bad breath should disappear in less than 7 days.

This solution helps to clean your mouth and increases the saliva production, thereby killing the odour causing bacteria.

  1. Aids Weight Loss

The 2 Week Diet

The immediate benefit that you will see for sure is weight loss.

This solution helps to suppress the hunger and speed up the fat assimilating capacity from your body. Losing weight will never be a problem as this drink will force your body to flush out the fat and toxins through stool.

The drink is ideal for those who wants to lose that extra flabs from belly.

  1. Keeps Throat infection away

Drink warm lemon water with honey is one of the best remedy to treat throat infection.

It’s the vitamin C in lemon and Anti-microbial properties of honey that does the trick. So next time when you have a throat infection don’t forget to have this powerful drink.

Lastly, along with cleansing your throat it also helps to keep the respiratory infections away.

  1. Improves the quality of Skin

Lemons are loaded with antioxidants and Vitamin C.

These potent compound helps to fight aging and boosts the skin immunity.

Laboratory studies have already proven that citrus drinks can go a long way to prevent wrinkles. Furthermore, it also helps to fight skin infections and renew the dead cells.

  1. Keeps Kidney Stones and Gallstones away

Lemon contains high amount of citric acids and we all know, citric acid helps prevent formation of stones. The powerful antioxidants along with vitamin C helps to fight formation of gallstones.

Toxic elimination will never be a problem if you consume boiled lemon water along with organic honey.

  1. Helps to maintain healthy Blood Pressure levels

100 Grams of Lemon contains approximately 138 mg of potassium (when consumption happens including the peels, the count may go even higher).

Along with high contents of vitamin C it also has a healthy balance of sodium to potassium ratio. These healthy ratio of Potassium to sodium content helps to maintain healthy pressure levels.

Furthermore, boiled lemon water along with honey helps to cleanse your lymphatic system, thereby reducing the pressure levels holistically.

  1. Cleanses Urinary tracts and fight infection

Lemon water and honey is diuretic in nature, therefore consumption of this powerful drink helps to pass the waste from your body more efficiently.

It will force your body to expel toxins through urine as after especially due to its diuretic nature. Lastly, it has the ability to control the pH levels of your urinary tract which helps to keep the formation of bad bacteria away.

  1. Keeps hangover away

Honey plays a crucial role to expel toxins from the liver. The fructose content in Honey helps to speed up the oxidation of alcohol in Liver. Furthermore, it also helps to detox your liver.

The goodness of honey becomes even more potent when boiled lemon water is mixed.

The list of benefits can go on forever, what’s important is the disciplined approach. You should be disciplined in whatever you are doing.

Remember, you are taking holistic approach, therefore the results may not be instant. But some symptoms like cough and cold and morning sickness may start disappearing in as less as 1 week.

Try this remedy and let us know in the comments section below if this drink has benefited you in any way.

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