Zero Oil veg biryani for weight loss and healthy heart

Biryani is the most liked and preferred special occasion dish in India. Do you want to keep your taste buds happy while enjoying your favorite Lunch or dinner ? If so, then you are the right place. Noticeable benefits of zero oil veg biryani includes reduced cholesterol levels, reduced triglyceride levels, improved immune system, increase in stamina and healthy reduction of weight. 

Vegetables in your Biryani will keep you young and fit for a long time. Veg biryani is actually very good for health, but it becomes insanely unhealthy when Oil, ghee or dalda are added. I have found a nice way to make biryani without adding any Oil, ghee or dalda. Yes you heard it right I will show you how to make hundred percent oil free biryani.

Veg Biryani is beneficial for your heart provided you don’t add any Oil or Ghee. Let’s learn how to make Biryani without Oil to reap real benefits.

Ingredients needed to make Oil free veg Biryani

1.) Organic rice soaked in water for an hour or so.
2.) 2 – 3 Cloves
3.) 2 small piece cinnamon
4.) Tomato paste
5.) Half cup curd
6.) 4 Boiled potatoes
7.) Finely copped boiled carrots
8.) One cup green peas (boiled)
9.) Cumin powder
10.) Red chili powder
11.) Chopped Onions
12.) Turmeric powder
13.) Bay leaves

Steps to Make Veg biryani without Oil

Step 1 : Boiling Rice
Boil the rice just like you boil normal rice.
One the rice is cooked keep it aside

Step 2 : Boiling Vegetables
Boil all the vegetables that you want to include in your biryani
While boiling you may add salt so that it cooks faster.

Step 3 : Roast it!
Take a Non – Stick Pan and heat it.
Once your pan is pre-heated, add cloves, Cinnamon and bay leaves
Saute the mixture until your bay leaves and other masala’s are mild brown
Now add your spices i.e. Turmeric powder, red chili powder and Cumin powder
Saute it for a while and then add tomato puree
Keep roasting it and make sure it does not burn, if it sticks to the pan add water to it
Make sure all your spices are roasted well without burning it.

Step 4 : Add rice
Now add rice to your pan and mix it well
Add some water about a cup.

Step 5 : Add vegetables when half cooked
Add the vegetables when your biryani is half cooked
Let the vegetables cook for a while.
Add low fat curd or dahi and sprinkle some salt as per taste.

Step 6 : Simmer the flame!
Lower the flame intensity and let it cook for a while.

Step 7 : Serve your biryani
Garnish the biryani with salad or raitha to make it more presentable.
Your 100% Zero oil veg biryani is now ready to be served.

Note : Don’t feel low if your zero oil cooking doesn’t go well the first time. Zero Oil cooking will become perfect over a period of time. Initially there will be challenges to make zero oil dish as your brain is not tuned to think that way. However once you learn it, your family will be healthier and appreciate your efforts.









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