When to opt for weight Loss Surgery ?

 Weight Loss Surgery also known as Bariatric Surgery is normally done to people who are dangerously obese. Life-threatening obesity is one which is described as:

Recording an BMI (body mass index) of 40 or above
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Weight loss surgery is recommended if you have a BMI of 35 or above and you suffer from other health problems that can be improved if you undergo weight loss surgery.

Types of Weight Loss Surgery

There are 3 types of surgery mostly used in weight loss surgery. I will take you through each methods…

Method 1: Doing a Weight Loss Surgery by use of Gastric band

Here, you use a band to reduce the size of your stomach; therefore you will only require a small amount of food to feel you up.

Method 2: Doing Gastric Bypass

This is where your body’s digestive system is re-routed leaving out most of your stomach, this will enable you to digest less food and take in much less food to get you full.

Method 3: Doing the sleeve Gastrectomy

Here, you will be required to remove part of your stomach so as to reduce the amount of food needed to make you full

Life after the weight Loss surgery

The weight loss surgery can get you very impressive results in relation to the amount of weight that will be lost, but it should not be seen as total remedy for obesity. The people who have undergone the weight loss surgery are required to do a rigorous and lifelong plan thereafter to minimize the chances of putting on weight back on or other long term complications.

Some of the Common Risks Involved In Weight Loss Surgery and How to Prevent Them

Every kind of surgery carries its risks and complications, some of which are very dangerous and fatal such as:

Internal bleeding

Can cause deep vein thrombosis( a blood clot inside the leg); or,

Pulmonary embolism (a blood clot or any blockage inside the lungs); therefore you’re required to take the necessary care to ensure that any of these risks does not occur.

The above are the steps and procedures that you can use to reduce your weight; it is an account of the steps you can consider if you want to lose weight. Keenly follow the information as it can be of help to you or any of your loved ones.

Key Take aways from this weight loss plan :
1.) Promise yourself now to go with well controlled diet.

2.) Promise to get regular exercises / workouts
3.) Avoid junks
4.) Drink tons of water
5.) Choose a supplement that has no side effects
6.) Weight Loss surgery should never be your option unless life threatening.


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