Step 5: Here are some fat Burning food lists…

Below are some of the foods that once you eat will start winnowing your waistline. They can promote fat burning, build muscle, or can simply use energy for them to be digested.

Fat burning food includes:

1.) The Almonds and other nuts – They reduce cravings and build muscles.
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Dairy products (low-fat-milk or fat-free, cheese, yogurt) – These build up strong bones and then increase weight loss.

2.) Eggs – They build muscles and burn fats.

3.) Turkey and other lean meats – They build the muscles and strengthen the immune system.

4.) Berries – They improves satiety and also prevents cravings

5.) Enova oil( canola and soy oil) – These promotes fullness and they are not stored as fat.

6.) Peanut butter -It builds image, burns fat and testosterone.

7.) Fatty fish (like the salmon, mackerel, tuna) – It triggers fullness while at the same time increasing fat burning.

8.) Grapefruit – This lowers the insulin level; it also regulates the blood sugar and metabolism.

9.) Green Tea – These fires up the fat burning

10.) Chilli peppers – These spikes up metabolism hence reducing the fats stored in the body.

11.) Spinach and other green vegetables – These fight free radicals and also improve muscle building.

12.) Beans and legumes – These help to build muscle regulate digestion, help burn fat.

13.) Whey – They build the muscles and burn fats.

On the next sub-topic, I will discuss on weight loss surgery.

Let’s find out if it’s the right option or not.

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