7 Ways to Lose weight for Women Over 40’s

Our metabolism slows down as we age and so does the fat assimilating capacity of our body.

Women below 40’s can easily drop weight as compared to women over 40’s.

For Women over 40’s they see fast results by doing simple weight lifting or by doing intermittent fasting. While some see quick results by changing the eating patterns.

So there is no single formula that works for everyone, best example is thyroid. If you are suffering from Hypothyroidism, formula that works for others may not work for you. Likewise those suffering from underactive thyroid may need to adopt a different plan of action altogether.

So weight loss clearly depends on current health state and underlying cause.

While we talk about multiple factors that goes in consideration to decide which formula works, there is one single factor common amongst everyone who is obese.

That single most factor is inflammation. Yes! That’s right, it’s the inflammation at the cellular levels and toxins that get accumulated over a period of time that causes our body to bulk up.

If women above 40’s doesn’t take care of their body, the situation gets even worse and they start accumulating excess fat in inner thighs and belly fat.

While there are no single factor that causes you to become obese, there are some common reasons which all the obese individuals have and it is something everyone can control.

Yes! That’s right there are several things which is there in your control and if you can start doing these 7 things right now, weight loss is almost guaranteed.

1.) Sugar Detox

Number one thing that causes you to become obese over a period of time is sugar.

Sugar causes inflammation at the cellular levels and makes it extremely difficult for your body to expel toxins especially post menopause.

So the Idea here is to stop sugar completely and ask your body to use fat reserves as a source of energy.

So, will stopping sugar completely help you to reduce weight? Yes and no.

Yes, because you have stopped the source which simply adds fat and causes inflammation at cellular levels.

And No because, if you keep continuing with food that is high on bad carbs, our body will keep accumulating it.

So the whole idea is to first Stop the sugar intake completely and secondly control bad carbs.

So how to identify good carbs and bad carbs?

It’s extremely simple, anything that nature gives us is good and anything that we process is bad carb.

Example: Banana is loaded with good carbs whereas Burger or Pizza is loaded with bad carbs.

So now that you have stopped the sugar intake, the question is how do you force your body to use fat reserves?

You can kick start the process of expelling fat from your body right from day 1 if you are on dedicated 2 Week Diet, where you simply train your body to expel fat in less than 2 weeks. And guess what, you don’t need any special exercise for this.

Majority of things can be controlled by simply following a diet that actually works.

Once you learn the process of expelling fat from your body (which this 2 Week diet system teaches), weight loss will never be a challenge.

So, bottom line is:

  • Stop the sugar
  • Reduce the intake of bad carbs
  • Train your body to use fat reserves (You can learn here).
  • Follow a dedicated 2 week diet plan to flush toxins and reduce inflammation at cellular levels.
  • Improve your body’s insulin response
  • Correct your metabolism

You should start seeing results in less than 2 weeks. In fact, this 2 week dedicated Diet plan takes care of all the above steps and works for everyone.

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2.) Boost your metabolism

As we age our body’s metabolism slows down and as a result we see common symptoms such as gas, constipation, poor liver function, reduction in energy levels and so on.

When you see these issues with your body, it’s a clear sign that your body needs help and it needs real quick since it’s not able to expel toxins and assimilate fat efficiently due to poor metabolism.

The solution here is to boost metabolism.

One super easy way to boost your metabolism is to include food rich in nitric oxide in your diet.

Eat food items that are high in nitric oxide to reverse the damage caused at cellular levels and do a minor tweak in your diet.

Do want to know the secret to boost metabolism which results in rapid weight loss?

Here’s the secret that no one will tell you.

Follow this pattern and you will lose weight within 2 Weeks.

  • Wake up early in the morning and drink Lemon water with Apple cider vinegar.
  • Go for 30 minutes walk.
  • By now you must be thinking we all know this and where is the secret?
  • So the secret here is to stop eating processed breakfast and anything that is cooked.
  • So include colorful fruits for your dinner (No juices instead opt for whole food).
  • Keep yourself on fruits until 12.30 PM (Ideal dose is your Weight X 10 = X grams of fruits in total, Example: If your weight is 70 kgs, you need to take 70 X 10 = 700 grams of fruit until 12.30 PM).
  • Make sure you don’t eat anything else apart from fruits during this phase.
  • After 12.30 when you go for lunch make sure you eat 50% raw and 50% cooked food.
  • Likewise have only fruits and boiled food in your snacks.
  • Lastly, take your dinner before 8:00 PM.

Following the above steps will help you to correct the metabolism within 5 days.

Now this trick works for everyone and works best when you are on this 2 Week Diet.

3.) Keep Moving

Being active throughout the day helps to boost your metabolism and enhances the digestion.

Now, being active does not mean you need to run a marathon. Activeness can be as simple as walking and doing your regular activity by giving away luxury.

Example: You can opt to travel in public transport instead of taking a car. Likewise taking a stair case instead of lift can go a long way.

For women over 40’s it may not be that easy to start being active right away. So it’s recommended that they start with correcting the diet first and then gradually progress.

Now, the question is when and how to progress?

The solution and detailed plan is clearly mentioned on this Powerful diet Plan that simply restores your body’s natural function in less than 2 weeks.

4.) Include lots of Veggies

When women cross 40 the degeneration happen at rapid pace, due to which metabolism and cellular function gets disrupted.

Including lots of veggies in the diet means inclusion of powerful anti-oxidants that fight free radicals and reverses aging.

Inclusion of fresh and organic veggies will not only help you to lose weight but also give you flawless skin in long run.

While including veggies is a good idea, make sure that you are filtering out the ones that is high on carbs. For example Potato, we know that it’s high on carb and too much of potato can add unwanted weight.

Likewise, sweet potato and corns too are high in carbohydrates.

The reason we need to limit the carb intake is because when we go through the sugar detox process by stopping sugar intake, our body makes use of carb. And the whole idea behind stopping the sugar intake and limiting the carb intake is to force our body to use fat reserves and repair the damaged cells at much faster rate.

This is where I really like the 2 week diet system, I really don’t need to worry about all these factors as the plans are well put together and we simply need to follow the plan rather than focusing on carbs and sugars.

Anyways, cutting the long story short include tons of veggies in your diet by filtering out the one’s which are high on carbs.

Some of the low carb veggies are:

  • Spinach
  • Cucumber
  • Tomatoes
  • Lettuce
  • Kale
  • Cabbage

5.) Include Good Quality Fats

Inclusion of good quality fat can actually help you to gain the energy instantly. This might surprise you, eating good quality fat actually helps you to lose weight fast, only condition here is that sugar content should be absolutely zero and carb intake should be minimal.

If you are eating carbs as well as fat results can be the opposite. You will put on weight like crazy. So when you are stopping the sugar and carb, make sure you are eating good quality fat as your body will need it to generate energy.

Good quality fats includes, fatty fish, Organic un-salted butter, Clarified butter, Cottage Cheese, Cheese, Avocado and coconut oil.

6.) Fasting

Fasting once a month helps to correct the metabolic disorders.

Actually, fasting is not that difficult if done sensibly. If you cannot do one day fast try doing intermittent fasting once a week.

In intermittent fasting you need to decide on eating window i.e. if you decide to eat only between 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM then it means you are allowing yourself to eat only for 12 hours window. And the other 12 hours will be complete fasting.

You will be surprised, doing this alone will help you to drop up to 2 kgs in less than 20 days.

For those following the 2 Week power diet, no need to follow this and is advised to stick to the plan.

7.) Get quality Sleep

Our body is designed to do the repair work during out sleep.

Sleep alone can help you lose weight by correcting the metabolic disorders. Try to aim for at least 7 – 8 hours’ sleep so that your body can recover and correct itself.

These 8 hours we call as healing window. This 8 hour healing window is further extended to 12 hours when you do intermittent fasting.

Fasting followed by good sleep is an excellent tool to reduce weight at rapid speed.

During the fating window make sure you drink lots of water, so that healthy pH levels can be maintained. Furthermore, drinking plain water helps to flush toxins from kidneys and reduce inflammation.


Weight gain depends on many factors and it’s hard to pin point one reason that adds unwanted weight.

Having said that there are certain things that is under our control and can be controlled. The factors that we can control are mentioned above and if done with discipline for long period of time, weight loss is imminent.

If you are unable to stick to the above 7 steps for long periods, I would recommend you to take this 2 week Diet system as its proven to lose weight and works for everyone and don’t worry it’s not a crash diet.

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