Super foods that helps you lose weight while sleeping

Internet is loaded with super foods that claims to lose weight fast. But trust me very few of them works and most of them lack scientific evidences.

It is true that diet plays 80% role when it comes to weight loss. No matter how hard you work, if your diet is not good you won’t lose much weight.

Therefore, in order to start losing weight you must include foods that correct the metabolic disorders and promote overall wellness through superior nutrition.

I have listed some of the best super foods below which will help you lose weight even when you are sleeping and all of them are proven fat burners.

1.) Fish Oils/Fish

Including fish oils OR Fish with high content of Omega 3 fatty acids, helps to lose weight, Improve heart function, Brain function, fight depression and enhance the skin quality.

Research done on Omega 3 fatty acids and fish with high content of Omega 3 fatty acids, indicates that including Omega 3’s and fatty fish in your diet can reduce weight, Total Cholesterol and triacylglycerol (1).

Did you know people who suffer from sleep problems are more prone to gain weight? Omega 3 fatty acids helps to calm down the nerves as it has positive effect on your brain and heart.

Regular consumption of Omega 3’s and fish Oil will help you lose weight and stay in good shape.

2.) Nuts and Seeds

Nuts such as Almonds and Walnuts are loaded with potent anti-oxidants that scavenge free radicals as well as Omega 3’s known to maintain healthy brain and heart function.

Likewise certain seeds like Pumpkin and Flaxseeds are great source of soluble fiber that contains high amounts of omega 3’s, magnesium and essential fatty acids known to maintain your heart and brain health.

Some of the powerful fat burning seeds are:

  • Pumpkin Seeds
  • Flax Seeds
  • Chia Seeds
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Watermelon seeds

The high content of essential vitamins and minerals helps to keep yourself relaxed and promotes better sleep. Improving the sleep quality helps you to get rid of some extra flabs at rapid speed since most of the repair and fine tuning happens when you are asleep.

3.) Bottle Gourd

Having bottle gourd as a vegetable for your dinner can help you lose weight even when you are sleeping. Likewise having bottle gourd juice in morning helps you lose weight at double the speed.

Regular consumption of bottle gourd juice helps to correct the metabolic disorders, improve liver function, reduce cholesterol, open the blocked arteries and activate the hormones. As a result weight loss simply comes as a positive by product.

While drinking Lauki juice is highly effective. If you eat bottle gourd as a vegetable for your dinner it is much better than other calorie food as bottle gourd acts as an anti-obesity food.

So in your dinner have this powerful bottle gourd juice and lose weight even when you are sleeping.

4.) Berries

Berries such as Blueberry, raspberry, strawberry and Blackberries are naturally rich in a compound known as pectin which gives you feeling of fullness. This therefore, stops you from consuming any additional calories.

Furthermore, pretty much all the berries are loaded with potent anti-oxidants that helps to fight cancer by scavenging free radicals.

Regular consumption of berries helps to cleanse your liver and improve the liver function and therefore fat assimilation becomes much easier. The healthy your liver it the better will be your fat assimilating capacity.

Having berries during evening time before the sun sets can help you to lose weight even when you are sleeping.

5.) Green tea

Green tea contains a key compound known as Catechin which helps to break down excess fat and boost metabolism. Furthermore, it has detox properties which decreases the load on your liver.

Having said that consumption of green tea once or twice a day is more than enough to get the goodness it’s known for and anything above that may not be good.

Green tea is a proven fat burner, in a study conducted on effects of green tea on overall body weight, it was found that regular consumption of green tea helps to reduce overall body weight due to presence of catechin (2).

So the conclusion is replace your regular evening tea with green tea and watch that belly fat shrink.

6.) Water Melon

This fruit is my favorite as it helps me to avoid those bad calories in form of snacks.

Whenever hungry or whenever you get the urge to eat junk food, simply eat watermelons as much as you want. Yes that’s right eat as much water melons as you want, I bet you won’t put on any weight. Instead you will keep losing pounds after pounds.

Try this for a month, replace your regular snacks with water melon and you will be surprised how much weight you will lose.

Regular consumption of watermelon also helps to maintain healthy heart and keeps blood pressure away thanks to the high amounts of nitric oxide which helps to expand the blood vessels.

Furthermore, watermelons are alkaline which helps to maintain healthy pH levels, helps to fight cancers, reduces cholesterol, improves digestion and corrects metabolic disorders


Diet plays a major role when it comes to weight loss, replacing the bad calories with good calorie is the smartest move that one can take. Forget the calorie deficit die, start by replacing the bad calories like burgers and pizza’s with good calories like Nuts and Bottle gourds.

You will immediately see the results. Calorie deficit diet it the advanced step that you may think of if you want even better results.

But I doubt you will have to resort to calorie deficit diet if you are consuming good calories which has high nutritional properties.

Out of 5 powerful fat burners my personal favorite is Bottle Gourd as it has worked for me. Which one did you like the most and do you have any weight loss experience to share? Feel free to comment below.

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