Baba Ramdev Diet Chart For Weight Loss

Sometimes it is best to read and science behind something and just follow the advice of a true spokesman on the topic of health.

Baba Ramdev is one of the few true masters of health and he constantly proves this live with lots of audience.

His unconventional methods may be something the science has not yet studied, but they still work just as effectively.

Let’s take a quick look at the list of topics covered.

So who is Baba Ramdev?

He is a yoga teacher and a guru in the world of health, wealth, self-improvement, and self-empowerment.

Though he has shown his interest in politics and religion many times, his most fascinating approach is with his diet that helps people lose weight.

He has found the solution for many people who are suffering from issues related to weight gain, psychological problems and physiological issues.

How Baba Ramdev structures the diet?

His approach to the diet is that you should not ever have to go through the hassle of dieting in the first place, and if you have to lose weight, then it is best to do it fast.

His methods are all about being as effective as possible in the shortest time.

Baba Ramdev preaches the idea that you should eat less food per meal but more meals per day. This is going to spike up your metabolism and make your body work.

So instead of eating 2 or 3 meals per day that are spaced out every 6 hours, it is best to eat 5 to 6 meals that are small but 2 to 3 hours in between meals.

Alternatively you can eat food only twice a day between sunrise and sunset, which means you should avoid eating anything after the sunsets.

Baba Ramdev on Carbs

Baba Ramdev likes to keep his foods simple and he certainly makes it clear that carbs should be removed from your diet as much and as early as possible.

Having said that there are fruits and veggies that are high in carbs but these are healthy carbs especially when you consume these in natural form.

His approach is actually true because scientific evidence shows that eating carbohydrates increases the risk of storing fat. In addition to that, eating less carbohydrates forces the body to use its own energy reserves for fuel.

His advice is spiritual, but it is still scientific and true when put into perspective. Carbs will slow down your metabolism and spike your blood sugar levels. Insulin reaches a peak point where fat is stored for fuel.

The key to losing fat is in the food:

Baba Ramdev mentions a serious issue in today’s eating habits and that is late snacks.

Late snacks should be removed immediately whether you are trying to lose fat or build your weight up. Late snacking is indeed a bad habit because it interferes with your body’s natural hormones such as insulin, growth hormone and testosterone.

Baba Ramdev recommends that late snacking should be avoided altogether because your hunger level will rise up at night, and the cravings seek foods that are high in calories.

This is true because most people opt for eating chips, and oily fat foods that can have hundreds of calories per serving

You can do everything right in your day with dieting and exercising, but Baba Ramdev says that the two hours before sleeping can destroy your whole day of dieting struggles for nothing.

Baba Ramdev’s approach to dieting:

One of the main things he preaches in simplicity in the foods that you eat is going to result in you losing fat.

Eating simple and easy to make food consistently is very healthy for your body because neither does the liver or the stomach have to work too hard to break down that food.

Having a simple approach to dieting that does not have complex meals with too much spicing is also best for people who have health problems or for those recovering from sickness.

Baba Ramdev weight loss chart:

baba ramdev diet chart

Day 1:

Try and devote your first day of the weight loss chart to fruits only.

You can only eat fruit and you can eat any fruit you want except for bananas. This is because the body will flush out all the toxins and the liver will work like it should.

Breakfast: Glass of water, apples, berries.

Lunch: Oranges, peaches and passion fruit

Dinner: Berry mix with apples

Day 2:

The second day is all about the greens. This should consist of only vegetables with no exceptions. You eat potatoes, broccoli, spinach and any kind vegetable you want.

Breakfast: Potato salad

Lunch: Asparagus and broccoli

Dinner: Green smoothie

Day 3:

You can eat vegetables and fruits on the same day this time, except no potatoes or bananas.

Breakfast: Green smoothie and apples

Lunch: chopped onions and tomatoes and green salads

Dinner: Berries and broccoli

Day 4:

The fourth day uses bananas, milk, Yogurt, Oats and cucumbers. So you will be these food items throughout the day at whichever pace you like.

Day 5:

Tomatoes and Khichdi are today’s meal plan. This encourages the stomach to work just enough to metabolize the rice and tomatoes.

You can do at whichever pace you like. You can simply eat Khichdi and tomato salad through the day.

Day 6:

Today’s diet plan is rice and vegetables. A popular way to execute this is to make a stew with rice and vegetables and snack with some hard vegetables through the day.

Day 7:

Today’s diet plan is rice and vegetables and fruit juice. A popular way to execute this is to make a stew with rice and vegetables and snack with juice through the day.

How this diet changes the way your body works:

Many people criticize this diet for its simplicity, but this is the true power of the diet.

The whole concept is based on scaling through the way you eat and building up your tolerance to levels you can sustain.

This makes the diet very easy to follow in your head and makes it even easier to prepare because there is not a lot of ingredients you need in the first place.

Your body does not even work that hard to metabolize these foods because it is not complex, so the mind and the system focus on other things that need attention such as your health state and your mental state.

When you are eating too many foods all the time, you are occupying your body from working the way it is supposed to be working.

This chart and way of eating will help revamp your body and make you more proficient.

Diet and yoga:

Baba Ramdev is known for using yoga as a practice to heal and protect the body.

He has a very strong belief that yoga can help a lot for fighting diseases, losing weight and increasing your spiritual connection to the higher self.

His yogic approach promises to heal many ailments and this includes hernia, and constipation along with other common issues.

While there are many yoga poses that aids weight loss, baba Ramdev emphasizes more on Kapalbhati. According to Baba Ramdev, combination of Kapalbhati and decent diet can help you to lose weight in no time.


Baba Ramdev is not only an expert at weight loss, health and self-improvement, he is also someone who is an authority and he has helped masses to get healthier and even battle some serious diseases.

His dietary approach offers a good simplicity that can help the body recover from all the heavy fatty fast food eating and forces the body to get into a state where it burns fat.

Combined with yoga, this strategy is perfect for anyone trying to get leaner and healthier.

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