Day 1 : Lets get Organized and come to the point…

The first day of the seven days weight loss plan is very important. For a start, you need to do away with the fat in your body system. Because of this, Day One is considered the fruity day. This means that you have to take more fruits.

Health experts have advised that eating fruity punch would remove those toxins in your body system. Toxins could be responsible for fatty tissues in your body system.

Fruits would detoxify the body removing fluid and fat from the system. Moreover, research has indicated that fruits could fasten the body healing process. Apart from that, those wanting to lose weight should do that in a healthy manner, taking healthy fruits could be a good way of losing excess weight in a healthy manner.

Though you are allowed to take fruits the first day, you cannot take all categories of fruits. Only those fruits that are known to facilitate healthy weight loss could be consumed. Because of this, citrus fruits are often considered.

Preferred citrus fruits you could take the first day include watermelon, orange, pear, as well as apple. You can eat any quantity of recommended fruits. Moreover, you can eat them when you are hungry.

You can also take papaya and kiwi along with those already mentioned earlier. These fruits are recommended because they are rich in fiber, especially cantaloupes and watermelons.

Water is very important on the first day and because of that, you can drink as much as eight to twelve glasses of water. This first day, you must always satisfy your craving, which implies that you should not starve.

So you First day food chart should look something like below :

Breakfast menu:

  • Drink a Glass of water to begin with.
  • Then start by Consuming 4 IDLI’s with Home Made Chutney followed by an apple.

Time to take breakfast: Between 8 am to 9 am (Please fix a timing as its very important from your metabolism point of view)


  • Sliced cantaloupe (half bowl) plus one glass of water

Time to take brunch: Between 11 am to mid day

Lunch menu:

Time for lunch: 1.30 to 2.00 pm

Post lunch menu:

  • One whole orange

Time for post lunch snack: 4.00 pm to 5.00 pm

Evening snack:

Time for the evening snack: 6.30 to 7.00 pm

Dinner menu:

Worth Noting :
You have to support this weight loss plan with the appropriate exercise. On the first day, you are not supposed to undertake rigorous exercises since you are going to feed on fruits and water. You can engage in such minor exercises like:

Arm circles

Wrist circles

Neck rotation

Leg rotation

Ankle rotation

Waist rotation

Spot jogging

These exercises can be performed in the morning or in the evening. Choose the most appropriate time.

Note: If you think this diet will not keep you feel full for longer duration then you may also opt for meal replacement Shakes, it works equally well.

This concludes our Day 1 Plan…

*** During this important 7 days of your life, You won’t lose much weight but this 7 days will get you organized in such a way that you will be able to lose or gain weight at will.***

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