Zero Oil Paneer Matar recipe for weight loss

Paneer Matar is an Indian food which will make your taste buds not only happy but also give tons of positive results through its high protein content and vitamins. While Paneer is healthy, Oil is equally unhealthy thereby having adverse effects on our heart and body.

To prepare any food or dish the main challenge that you will face is Oil. But think again is Oil really a challenge ?

Do you mean the food we make and the taste that we get comes from oil ?

The answer is BIG NO!. The real taste comes from spices we add and not oil.

Oil is the main source of Cholesterol, triglycerides and free radicals. Making Zero oil food is an art and it can only be perfected over a period of time.

Let’s find out how to make Zero Oil Paneer Matar with our Zero oil paneer matar recipe below.

 Ingredients to make Oil Free Paneer Matar

1.) Boiled Green Peas (Matar)

2.) Boiled Potato

3.) Paneer 150 Gms.

4.) Turmeric Powder

5.) Red Chilli Powder

6.) Coriander Powder

7.) Cumin Powder

8.) Ginger and Garlic Paste

9.) Salt to taste

10.) Chopped coriander Leaves

11.) 2 Finely chopped Tomatoes

12.) 3 Whole Green Chillies

13.) Cloves

14.) Cardamom

15.) Bay Leaves (Tejpatta)

16.) Chopped Onions

17.) Chopped tomatoes

How to Make No Oil Paneer Matar ?

Step 1 :
Heat the Non – Stick Pan.
Start by adding Cardamom, Bay Leaves (Tejpatta) & Cloves
Keep Sauteing it until it turns brown.

Step 2 :
Add 2 chopped Onions
3 Green Chilies
Saute it until its mild brown (Make sure it doesn’t stick)
Add 2 finely chopped Tomatoes
Add Salt as per taste and mix it well
Add Ginger Garlic paste 1/2 Teaspoon mix it well.
Make sure the mixture should not stick to your pan, so keep stirring it.

Step 3 :
Add Red Chili powder
Add turmeric Powder
Add Cumin Powder
Add Coriander Powder
Mix it well and keep Sautéing it.
Idea is to roast all the Masala’s untill the strong fragrance is gone.
In the process make sure it does not stick to the Pan. If it sticks on your Pan you may add slight water and keep stirring it.

Step 4 :
Once its nice and even you may add water and put the lid for 3-5 mins.
Open the Lid and mix it and check if its sticking or not.
Check for strong Masala fragrance, if it exists then add water and keep cooking it.
Once the strong fragrance is gone, you may add boiled potato and Green peas.
After couple of mins Add Paneer and mix it well.

Step 5 :
If you need it dry you may serve it just like that.
If you need it to be in gravy form, add water and put the lid and let it cook in mild flame.
After 2 – 3 mins take the lid out and garnish it with coriander leaves.

Steps 6 : It’s ready to be served.

You too can learn the art of making any food without a drop of oil.
Zero Oil Premium recipe book teaches you exact step by step on how to make any dish without oil.

Tip : Quitting Oil can reverse the damage caused to your body due to high cholesterol. (Source : Dr. Dean Ornish a renowned Cardiologist has already proven that).

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