Zero Oil masala tomato rice recipe for weight loss

On my journey to make as much zero Oil recipes as possible, I managed to put a nice Oil free masala tomato rice recipe that is not only tasty but also healthy. Today you will discover an awesome recipe to make Tomato Rice without oil.

Initially I thought it will be challenging to cook this dish without Oil. But after doing little research on it, I found a way to prepare Tomato rice without oil. Remember, I keep repeating Oil is a monster and is a slow poison. It will kill you sooner than later if you don’t find out a way to make your food without Oil.

Preparing food with oil is something which everyone has taught us, hence at times you tend to have a preconceived notion that cooking without oil is not possible.

Cooking oil free food is easy. Nothing is difficult. Remove the mental block. Oil is not tasty at all trust me. Cooking food with absolutely no oil is possible. Below recipe is one more example on how you can make a tasty recipe with no oil at all.

Lets get started ..

Ingredients needed to make Oil free Tomato Rice

1.) Rice 100 to 150 gms

2.) You can take finely chopped tomatoes’ or best would be tomato puree

3.) Salt to taste

4.) Red chilly powder

5.) Coriander powder

6.) Cumin seeds

7.) Mustard seed

8.) Curry Leaves

9.) Chopped onions

10.) Finely chopped greed Chilly

11.) Coriander leaves

Follow the below steps to Make Zero Oil Masala Tomato rice

Step 1 : Boil the rice
Boil the rice and cook it just like you normally make plain rice.

Step 2 : Roasting It!
Put some mustard seeds on your Non-stick Pan.
Saute your mustard seeds
Add Cumin Seeds and Saute it
Add curry leaves now and keep sautéing the whole mixture.
Let the mustard and Cumin seed turn mild brown.

Step 3 : Sautéing Onions
The moment your mustard seeds and Cumin seeds starts to crackle add chopped onions and Sautee it.
Let the Onions turn mild brown
While sautéing onions you can add 1 teaspoon of water when it starts to stick.
Remember, the onions should not burn or else taste wont be nice.
So you need to stir it continuously.

Step 4 : Add all your Spices/masala’s now
Add Coriander powder, turmeric Powder, Red Chilly Powder and salt to taste.
Sauté the mixture for a while as we want the strong aroma of spices to go away.
Once the mixture is mixed nicely you may add your chopped tomatoes’ (I would recommend unprocessed tomato Puree).
Mix it well and make the mixture nice, even and thick.

Step 5 : Adding you rice to Masala
Add your boiled rice now and mix it well.
Cover the lid and let it cook for 3 – 4 mins.

Your Zero Oil or Oil Free Masala tomato rice is ready.

This dish can be served with Dal and Zero Oil sabzi to make it taste awesome.

Facts to remember :
Oil is carcinogenic and hub for diseases like fatty liver, Coronary artery disease, Blood pressure and many other lifestyle ailments. Kick out oil from your life and eat healthy to stay happy.

If you want to Learn the art of cooking oil free food then I would recommend Zero Oil Recipes cook book. This book will help you to kick out unhealthy food from your busy lifestyle and you will see noticeable difference in cholesterol levels within a week.

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