Zero oil green peas pulao recipe for weight loss

Matar Pulao is the simple and easy to cook dish. It is also considered as a special occasion dish.

Pulao is generally served with gravy and salads together. So its not a single dish, it needs to be complemented with some sort of gravy such as chana masala, Paneer matar or even chicken masala.

A single serving of veg pulao is loaded with multiple health benefits. But the same pulao becomes unhealthy when Oil, Ghee or dalda is used.

Dalda, oil and Ghee does not give any positive effects or does not pass any taste for that matter. You are forced to think that making food without oil is not possible, as that is what you have been doing since your childhood.

Let me break that myth once again by showing you how to make zero oil green peas pulao also known as matar pulao.

Let’s have a quick look at the Ingredients needed…

Ingredients needed to make Zero Oil Green Peas Pulao

1.) Finely chopped coriander leaves
2.) Green peas or Matar
3.) Mustard seeds
4.) Dried red chili
5.) Turmeric powder
6.) Curry leaves
7.) Salt to taste
8.) Rice
9.) Split Bengal gram (chana Dal)
10.) Asafoetida (Hing)
11.) Capsicum
12.) Potatoes
13.) Tamarind water (Soak the tamarind for an hour and crush the tamarind to get the juice)
14.) Bay Leaves
15.) Coriander powder

Steps to make matar pulao without Oil

Step 1 : Boiling rice and Chana Dal!
Cook the rice as you normally do.
Once the rice is cooked keep it aside.
Like wise boil the Dal as well (Separately).

Step 2 : Roasting it!
Its time to roast all your masala’s (Spices).
Take a Non-Stick Pan and start roasting all your spices.
Start by adding Bay leaves and Curry leaves.
Saute it until the bay leaves and curry leaves starts turning brown.
Once the the Dry Spices are brown, add Hing, Coriander powder, Dried red chilli and turmeric powder.
Keep sauteing it until all the spices are roasted well.
Make sure the spices or masala’s don’t burn.
Now add Tamarind juice to your roasted masala.
Keep this Masala aside

Step 3 :  Cooking your Vegetables
Take a Non-Stick Pan add mustard seeds and saute it.
Once the mustard seed starts to crackle, add green peas, Potato, Capsicum and any other veggies as per your liking.
Add some water to it so that the vegetables can be cooked.
Simmer the flame and let it cook until your veggies are nice and soft.

Step 4 : Adding the roasted spices!
Mix the roasted spice with chana Dal and keep sauteing it for a minute or so.
Now add your cooked vegetables and Boiled rice.
Mix it well and add some salt to taste.
Let it cook for 3-4 mins on low flame.

You 100% Oil free green peas masala is ready !!



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