Zero oil chawli sabzi recipe for weight loss

Chawli is most commonly consumed in Maharashtra region.

Chawli is naturally rich in Potassium, Vitamin A, Vitamin B and Vitamin K. It’s not only rich in  vitamins but also loaded with dietary fibers.

Preparing a zero oil recipe is always a challenge mentally. In real time, cooking without oil is actually easier and taste’s better than conventional oily dishes. Chawli is very good for health but this benefits are nullified when oil is added to it. Simply remove the oil to enjoy full benefits.

zero oil chawli sabzi recipe

Noticeable benefits of Zero oil chawli sabzi includes improved cardiac function, better blood circulation, increased energy levels, reduced cholesterol levels, reduced triglyceride levels and better handling of free radicals.

Ingredients needed to make oil free chawli sabzi

1.) Curry leaves
2.) Whole green chilies
3.) Chopped onions
4.) Ginger Garlic paste
5.) Cumin powder
6.) Coriander powder
7.) Turmeric powder
8.) Red chili powder
9.) Tomato puree
10.) Salt to taste

Steps to make Chawli sabzi without oil…

Step 1: Roasting spices!
Start by adding curry leaves and whole green chilies
Saute the curry leaves and green chilies until its mild brown
Add chopped Onions.
Saute the onions until its mild brown.
Add little water if it sticks to the Pan.
Once the Onions are nice and brown, add all your spices.
Spices I added are Turmeric powder, coriander powder, Cumin powder, Ginger garlic paste and red chili powder.
Saute the Spices for a while and then add tomato puree.
Add salt to taste

Step 2: Cook the Spices
Cover it with lid for 3 – 4 mins.
Open the lid and check for consistency.
Add some water and mix it well.
Cover it with lid once again and let the spices cook.
Open the Lid and make sure extra water is gone.

Step 3: Add boiled chawli
Add the chawli (Black eyed peas) now.
Put some water and cover it with lid for next 5-6 mins.
Open the lid and check if its sticking or not.
If its going well cover it with lid once again and let it cook for 5 more mins.
Open the lid and garnish it with chopped coriander leaves
Your 100% zero oil chawli bhaji is ready to be consumed.

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