Zero oil chana masala recipe for weight loss

Chana masala is a very common and popular Indian dish. This dish is enjoyed across every corner of India by everyone. While Chana is good for health, Oil is a slow poison. I decided to make this dish little healthier by removing the oil and ghee. 

By removing the oil I also managed to remove the future plaques from your heart and blood vessels. This dish is 100% heart friendly and targeted towards weight loss and overall health improvement. This is an easy to cook recipe and can be cooked by anyone as I have included items which are very easily available.

Noticeable benefit of this dish includes sustainable, stable and healthy weight loss, reduced triglyceride levels, reduced cholesterol levels, Balanced sugar level, improved immune system and increased energy levels.

The benefits can only be seen if you follow a zero oil diet for long run. It takes a while for your body to remove the Plaque, clear your vessels and achieve desired benefits.

Let’s have a quick look at the ingredients needed…

Ingredients needed to make zero oil Chana masala

1.) Chopped Onions

2.) Tomato Puree

3.) Curry Leaves

4.) Whole green chilies

5.) Coriander leaves

6.) Ginger Garlic Paste

7.) Turmeric powder

8.) Red Chili powder

9.) Tamarind water

10.) Salt to taste

11.) Boiled Chana

Steps to make Oil free Chana masala

Step 1:  Heating the Pan
Heat the Pan.
Add some curry leaves and green chilies.
Sauté it until the curry leaves are light brown

Step 2:  Roasting It!
Add chopped onions once the curry leaves are mild brown.
Sauté the onions until its mild brown.
Add some water if it sticks.
Put Turmeric powder, Red Chili Powder and ginger garlic paste.
Now add Tomato Puree and mix it well.
Add some salt to taste
Include Tamarind water.
Sauté it well and let it cook for a while.

Step 3: Let us cook!
Put some water, Mix it well and cover the pan with lid.
Let it cook for next 5 – 7 minutes.
Remove the Lid and check for consistency, if its sticking add some water and put the lid back.
Let it cook for couple of mins.
Take the Lid off and add boiled Chana, mix it well.
Add some water now and put the lid back.
Let it cook for 2 – 3 mins.
Take the lid off mix it well.


Your 100% Oil free Chana masala is ready to be consumed.

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