10 Powerful Weight Loss Soups worth trying

Dieting doesn’t mean you have to stop eating and feel hungry all day. It’s just that you have to select one dietary meal, such as soup, and eat whatever you want.

What I mean is, simply replace your one time meal with soup and gradually reduce the calorie intake.

Above everything, a soup made with heart-filled vegetables will provide you with the strong-fiber that is required to boost satiety and curb craving.

Second, bases with low calories such as water, veggie broth, and chicken stock soups are some of the best-recommended meals you can try.

Buckle up your seat as we move through the ten best weight loss soups worth including in your diet plan. These soups are extremely popular amongst weight watchers.

1. Tofu Miso Soup

This Tofu Miso Soup recipe is a perfect example of how fermented soy proteins can be surprisingly tasty, as well as nutritious.

It is 100% plant-based and is incredibly healthy, fast, and easy to prepare in no time.

All you need to do is to whisk the miso paste in 1/3 bowl water until a smooth sauce is formed. Then cook ginger, spring onions, and seaweed in separate bowl (simply boil it). Cook broccoli and mushrooms for further two minutes and, at the last, add bok-choy, carrots, celery and tofu.

Mix in the whisked miso and cherish your happy healthy meal.

2. Thai lemongrass soup

This lemongrass soup is delicious and nutritious, but what’s best is that it’s thick and satisfying too, and spicy as well, when you choose.

A soothing Thai lemongrass soup is prepared from a soft broth of ginger, pan-fried tofu, cherry tomatoes, and fresh cilantro.

To prepare this healthy soup, you have to saute garlic and ginger in warm oil.

Then cook broth, lemongrass, chili paste, cherry tomatoes and mushroom for about fifteen minutes till mushrooms are tender.

Cook cube-shaped tofu for five minutes and stir it in broth mixture with cilantro and lime juice. Remove lemongrass pieces and season with soy sauce to taste.

3. Fennel Asparagus Soup

This simple asparagus fennel soup has a pleasant, soothing fennel taste, ideal for summer.

It is light, creamy, and can be prepared in less than 30 minutes! It’s one of those meals which makes you feel so healthy with limited ingredients.

Start by sauteing chopped onion and fennel seeds until softened. Then cook minced garlic and simmer broth in chopped onions for ten minutes.

Cook chopped asparagus for a further two minutes and blend all of this with basil until the soup becomes creamy and smooth. The last step would be to, add salt and pepper and here you go, you have the best weight losing soup ready!

4. Red Beet Apple Soup

Beetroots taste great and is high on fibers and minerals like folate and manganese.

Red Beet Apple Soup is sweet and tangy to taste. It includes powerful superfoods such as apples, celery, and herbs to warm you up and relax on cold weather days.

Firstly, you have to bake beetroots in the oven until the beets are soft throughout.

Then, Cook the peeled and sliced beets with apples, celery, onion, and garlic for five to eight minutes.

Post which, add vegetable broth and simmer fish herbs in the mixture for about half an hour. After blending and adding spices to taste, you can finally enjoy your tasty red beet apple soup.

5. Spinach Egg Drop Soup

Spinach Egg Drop Soup includes powerful healthy ingredients that you already have on hand and it is incredibly simple to make. Light, low in calories, and low carb, this soup is exceptional for spring and summer.

The recipe is so simple that you can make it ready in under 40 mins. Here’s how you can get started.

Cook Spinach for five minutes, add garlic, carrot, black pepper, tomato sauce, water, chicken bullion, and cook for about thirty minutes.

Stir it well. Beat an egg and slowly add it to the soup. Mix it properly until the eggs are fully cooked. Add lemon juice, salt to taste, garnish with chopped green onion, and get ready to crave for more.

6. Smoked Turkey Sausage Soup

This soup is all you want to fill in your bowl.

The smoked turkey offers a lovely, velvety-smooth broth deep in flavor, nutrition, and deliciousness. This soup can be quickly and easily thrown together. After the holiday season, this is all you need.

The easiest way to make this recipe is to combine all the ingredients in a cooker and Ta-da! Your smoked turkey sausage soup is ready! However, in case you don’t have a cooker, you can prepare this delicious soup by lightly sauteing onion and turkey sausage rounds for a minute.

Add chicken stock, sweet potato, oregano, rosemary, garlic, and simmer for about half-hour. Garnish with fresh spinach, salt, and pepper to taste.

7. Carrot Ginger Soup

The pairing of carrot and ginger is evenly poised, and both deliver an array of health benefits. But a dosage of protein is not the only reason this carrot ginger soup is made, and its flavor is sure to impress even the worst carrot eaters.

Pre-heat roughly chopped carrots, onions, vegetable broth, with a pinch of salt for about an hour.

Take it out and stir it in fried ginger, with lemon zest and golden raisins. Cook it for ten minutes and turn the stove off. Let it cool and then blend well in a blender. For more taste, garnish it with roasted almonds.

8. Vegan Detox Soup

It’s beneficial to include colorful natural ingredien ts in your diet as it makes you alive and gives a handful of nutrients. This soup is great because it tastes amazing. Besides, it can help you to clean and detoxify your gorgeous body easily.

To make this detox soup you simply need to:

Chop all the vegetables: pumpkins, red onions, bell pepper, broccoli, celery, and cherry tomatoes.

Now add water, soya sauce, ginger, garlic, and onion powder, and the herbs according to your taste and choice — Cook all the mixture for about five to ten minutes.

When the soup is ready, mix it with nutritional yeast, and lemon juice. Serve and Enjoy!

9. Spiralized Vegetable Soup

Spiralized vegetable soup is the ideal vibrant light dish to create during the year.

If you enjoy spiralizing, you will love making spiralized vegetables. It is nutritious, gluten-free, and vegan, preparation requires just 10 minutes!

To prepare this detox soup, peel and spiralize carrots, celery, courgette, potatoes, and rinse all the vegetables in water.

Fry onion and add salt, pepper, and paprika. Add spiralized vegetables and stir well. Pour the mixture in hot water and mix till boiled. After the soup is ready, add herbs and seasoning according to taste and cherish your soup loaded with taste and nutrition.

10. Immune Boosting Soup

This homemade Creamy Vegetable Soup is plant-based and gluten-free. Yet it maintains a rich, smooth and creamy texture that you’d expect from a traditional soup. These very same qualities also make this soup a perfect healthy recipe for autumn and winter.

You’ll be surprised with this soup as it not only strengthens your immune system but also saves plenty of your time.

It is effortless as all you have to do is to steam zucchini, broccoli, yellow squash, and cauliflower until softened.

Then, saute onions and garlic in olive oil and set aside. Blend them with vegetables, bone broth, and seasonings to give them a smooth texture.

Here you go, tasty, delicious, powerful and immune-boosting soup is ready!


These healthy eating soups are in low-calorie, fast and simple to make at home.

Try out them for a small meal together with a bowl of salad to make you feel full. Don’t eat them all day long as it can make your sugar level low.

If you schedule to eat them for lunch or breakfast, balance them with whole grains and lean meat.

Make sure you do at least 150 minutes of exercise per week to improve your metabolic rate. Lastly, speak to your nutritionist to get your fitness journey going with a healthy and balanced diet plan.

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