7 Natural medicine for arthritis that actually works

There are many herbs that has already been proven to be effective in helping to relieve arthritis. Each of these herbs should be consumed in a particular way to get the best results. Let’s discuss some herbs that are beneficial for arthritis patients.

Here are our top 7 Natural medicine for Arthritis

1. Alfalfa – Alfalfa is an herb rich in vitamins and minerals and is ideal for patients who feel a little low in energy and stamina. It also helps reduce inflammation. The capsules of this herb are available in the market and can be consumed in its natural form or in tea.

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2. Arnica – This herb is available in the form of massage oil in the area affected by arthritis. It is also known as leopard bane and is a pain reliever. It is very effective to calm attacks of strong pain.

3. Devil’s Claw – This is an ancient herb that has traditionally been used by people in Africa to cure arthritis. It is known for its properties to reduce inflammation caused by arthritis. The Devil’s Claw also reduces the accumulation of uric acid in the body which is the main cause of gout. This herb can also be prepared as tea or consumed as capsules.

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4. Ginger – A very common ingredient in foods, especially in Southeast Asian countries, ginger is very beneficial for people suffering from arthritis. Ginger is a great natural antioxidant that prevents decay of cartilage. Consumption of this herb is very easy as it can be added to the food or prepared as tea without any special effort.

5. Willow – Known as willow bark herbal aspirin possesses salicin, which is the main ingredient of aspirin tablets. Willow bark can be consumed as tea and is a pain reliever. It is also very effective in relieving inflammation. This herb is also beneficial because unlike aspirin you do not risk having ulcer or stomach problems.

6. Rosemary – This herb is often used in many European dishes and is a favorite because of its anti-inflammatory properties. It is also made in tea form. Rosemary leaves possess acids like earnosol, oleanolic acid, rosmarinic acid and ursolic acid which are found to be very effective against arthritis because they are anti-inflammatory.

7. Wintergreen – The scientific name for this herb is Gaulteria procumbens and is a traditional herb used by Native American tribes to cure arthritis. Wintergreen contains a compound called methyl salicylate which is very harmful if used in the form of oil or concentrate. Therefore, they should be consumed only as a dry herb. The leaves of this plant are boiled in water and then the water is kept steep for some time. This liquid is consumed three times a day for three weeks.

This concludes our list of top Natural medicines for Arthritis. These herbs will help relieve the pain but if you really want to cure your arthritis and stop the suffering, you will have to change some key points of your lifestyle. Proper diet and exercise can cure most of the ailments including heart problems. Feel free to check out our Zero Oil recipes section for switching to a healthy diet.

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