Himalaya Quista Pro Review (In depth review)

Himalaya Quista Pro is a proprietary ayurvedic high protein supplement designed to promote muscle health and well-being.

The reason I say it’s an ayurvedic protein supplement is because I really like the ingredients it uses to get the results.

Even though it says it’s a protein supplement, trust me when you look at the ingredients it will make you say it’s actually a lot more than what you see.

We all know good health is one of the Gods’ blessing. Lifestyle and diet have a significant impact on the health of an individual.

A diet full of proteins, carbohydrates and other natural herbs is ideal.

Taking these natural ingredients brings astounding results, it can be form of weight loss and muscle building. However, it is not easy to fill your plate with all these ingredients.

Taking note of every food item you eat and how many natural herbs every food ingredient contains, is a tough job.

Now there is no single product on this earth that will fulfill all your nutritional needs but consuming a good supplement can go a long way.

Having said that, Himalaya Quista Pro is a very good protein supplement that tries to promote overall wellness along with high contents of protein.

So it’s a protein powder cum health drink with many nutritional benefits.

What is Himalaya Quista Pro?

Quista Pro is high protein supplement from Himalaya containing high quality ingredients blended to improve your overall health.

It provides high-quality ingredients like proteins, vitamins, carbs, etc.

Many health experts today recommends Quista Pro for increasing the protein intake specifically due to the ingredients it uses.

One more reason why it has become a first choice for health enthusiasts is because this high protein supplement has no significant side effects when compared to its other counter parts.

How Does Quista Pro Works?

Quista Pro works by improving your metabolism thereby keeping your body functioning and alive.

With boosted metabolism, your calories will burn faster, as a result you will shed some pounds quickly.

It is also useful in improving your training performance and boost your stamina. Furthermore, it also increases your exercise capacity as it makes use of Ashvagandha.

Lastly, the flavor is also excellent, the chocolate flavor of the product will make it easy for individuals to consume it and it also pleases your taste buds.

Ingredients used in Quista Pro

What makes this protein powder a standout is the use of herbs along with conventional protein source.

Here are the key ingredients in Quista pro that makes it a leader in protein powder segment.

Ashwagandha: This herb is well known to reduce blood sugar levels in both healthy individuals as well as those suffering from diabetes (123).

It is an ancient medicinal herb that is used extensively in India to reduce anxiety, blood sugar levels, Stress, depression and blood pressure levels. Furthermore it’s known to benefit your heart as well.

Lastly, Ashwagandha in Himalaya Quista Pro promotes muscles health by strengthening your muscles and improving the recovery time, which further helps to overcome fatigue.

Hadjod: One of the major properties of hadjod is its weight loss quality. Hadjod fights obesity and is an excellent remedy for those who want to lose weight.

Furthermore it has lots of positive by products such as, it reduces cholesterol, Helpful for people with Type 2 diabetes, Reduces inflammation, Excellent for bones, Fights osteoporosis and promotes quick recovery of injured tissues.

Pomegranate: Pomegranate promotes post workout recovery speed especially due to anti-oxidants and minerals found in this wonder fruit.

This super fruit is an anti-inflammatory food item that is included in this protein supplement to counter the inflammatory response that your body may have after you intake high content of proteins.

Multiple studies conducted on Pomegrante proves that it reduces the inflammatory response in the digestive tract (456).

Lastly, other health benefits of pomegranate includes improved digestion, Helpful in Arthritis, Helpful in Alzheimers disease, Excellent for heart patients and it has anti-cancer properties.

Taurine: It is actually a Sulphur containing amino acids (7,8). This again promotes quick recovery post workouts and is considered to be one of the most essential substances in the body.

Vitamin B Complex

Vitamin C and E

In a nutshell, it makes use of Ayurvedic ingredients to stand out from its competitors and give best possible results. The ingredients used in Himalaya’s Quista pro is of top quality and it will not only improve your physical health but also enhance your mental health.

Some Key Features of Quista Pro

  • There are three whey proteins blended
  • It is fortified with taurine and peptides
  • It is enriched with herbal ingredients
  • It contains BCAAS for improved performance
  • It is enriched with calcium and vitamins

Health benefits of Quista Pro

Quista Pro contains strong elements having numerous benefits on your health. Take a look at a few significant health benefits of the product.

  • Promotes Muscle recovery

The intense training can sometimes lead to muscles rupture that can cause severe body pain. Muscular pain can affect your daily routine performance.

Quista Pro as a product is designed in such a way that it naturally helps to recover the ruptured muscles.

The recovery time of your damaged muscles decreases significantly by using it. Best time to consume this protein supplement is after your workouts. You can take it as a post-workout supplement.

  • Increases Muscle Mass

Many factors play a vital role in the development and enhancement of muscles mass like amino acids, proteins, and other essential nutrients. You can develop your muscle mass by consuming it regularly.

When your muscle mass increases, your muscles will need more energy that will burn your calories. Enhancing muscle mass makes you strong.

Lastly, It is recommended to take Quista Pro with milk for better results. If you are lactose intolerant you can consume it with Almond milk or Coconut Milk.

Also, the ingredients used in this powerful protein supplement boosts the immune system

  • Analgesic

Another significant benefit of Quista Pro that it contains analgesic properties that reduce bones, muscles and joints pain.

It gets this quality due the presence of Ashwagandha.

It can relieve moderate to mild pains like toothaches, headaches, muscle aches, and the common cold.

  • Boost energy

Study shows that individuals who consumed Quista Pro performed well during physical training.

The primary reason behind it is that it boosts your overall energy level. When your energy level improves, you can perform well during training sessions. Better training performance leads to an overall improvement in your health.

  • Contains Essential Nutrients

Quista Pro contains an essential amino acid that is necessary for boosting the recovery of damaged muscles and tissues. These essential nutrients help improve your health and make your muscle tissue healthy.

Possible Side effects of Quista Pro

Quista Pro comes up with numerous natural ingredients, but overdose or allergies can lead to a severe health problem.

For Example we know how amazing Ashwagandha is, but when you overdose yourself with this super herb it can lead to some severe conditions such as Heart Palpatation, Low heart beat rate, reduced blood pressure levels and reduced sugar levels.

Likewise if you take a quick look at the ingredients it uses it can act as a double edged sword. It has truckloads of benefits, no doubt but if you overdose it may have some side effects.

Some of the common side effects are as follow…

  • Fatigue
  • Loss Of Apetite
  • Bloating
  • Nausea
  • Irregular bowel movement
  • Acidty and Indigestion
  • Allergic response such as itching
  • Blisters under extreme case
  • Weight Gain
  • Hypertension
  • Heart Palpitation
  • Low heart beat rate
  • Poor concentration
  • Reduced Sugar levels
  • Mood Swings
  • Runny or Stuffy Nose (May happen due to Cow milk)
  • Constipation
  • Poor Liver function

Note: These are simply the side effects of a protein powder when over consumed. It may or may not have same behavior for everyone. Anyone experiencing any of the above side effects should discontinue this product.

Having said that this is the best possible protein powder currently available in the market since the ingredients used are simply outstanding.

Also, if you are a pregnant or lactating mother, then this product is not suitable for you.

Optimum Dosage of Quista Pro

The dosage of Himalaya Quista Pro depends on age, gender, weight, and height. It also depends on your motive behind using it whether for weight loss or weight gain. It is better to get a recommendation from an expert regarding its dosage before using it. General dosage is as below,

  • Take one tablespoon twice a day
  • You can take it with water or milk
  • You can take it before or after meals
  • You can take it pre-workout or post workout, depending on your motive
  • The maximum intake must not be more than 4 tb spoons and taking it with milk can result in weight gain.

According to Himalaya’s official site, it is recommended to consume Quista Pro in one of the following ways.

For Fitness enthusiasts:

It’s recommended you add 1 heaped tablespoon (approximately 20 g) of Quista Pro to 200 ml milk. Post which mix it well and have it.

A Quick Tip: If you are lactose intolerant you can consume it with Almond milk or coconut milk.

For Gym Goers:

For those who are into hardcore gyming it’s recommended that they Add 1 scoop (34 g) to 180 ml chilled water and mix it well until the mixture is nice and thick. Consume this post workouts.

Frequently asked question on Quista pro protein powder

What is the quantity of proteins and carbohydrates in Himalaya Quista Pro?

In Himalaya Quista Pro, the quantity of protein is 22 gram and carbohydrates is 8.5 grams.

Where can I purchase Himalaya Quista Pro from?

This product is available on online stores, and you may find it in certain stores as well.

Can it be used for gaining weight?

Yes, Himalaya Quista Pro you can be used for losing as well for gaining weight. Having said that taking it with a high-calorie meal can increase your pressure.

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