6 Powerful Exercises for Sagging Breasts

Your breasts are located directly above your pectoral muscles, and they are mainly made up of fatty tissues.

As they reach older age, many women struggle with sagging breasts, and they don’t know what to do about them.

The most convenient solution in their minds is to go to professionals and get their breasts enhanced so that they look fuller and more upright. While this can bring great results instantly, it is not the safest option in longer run.

A lot can go wrong during a breast enhancement procedure, which is why it is best to avoid it and opt for more natural ways of preventing sagging breasts.

These primarily include exercises to strengthen the muscles that are located underneath them.

What’s most important to understand is that you do not necessarily have to go for surgery in order to have gorgeous looking, firm breasts for life.

Let’s look at six of the most effective exercises that you can do at home to achieve great results.

1.  Medicine Ball Chest Squeezes

medicine ball chest squeeze

This is a routine that works as a warm-up and prepares your muscles for more intense exercises.

It is easy to do and can quickly get your breast muscles into the state where they can endure tougher exercise and even relieve any soreness that they might have.

All you need to do is practice this exercise at home in a chair and one medicine ball.

To do this exercise, Sit upright on the chair and hold the medicine ball to your chest.

The next step is to, squeeze the ball and, in the same instance, straighten your arms while keeping them pressed against the ball. This can be repeated for three sets of around ten reps every time.

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2.  Push-Ups

push ups

Push-ups have universal benefits.

Whether you’re looking to gain muscle around your triceps or bicep area or you’re looking to prevent your breasts from sagging gin the future, push-ups are your best friend.

Additionally, push-ups are highly effective in strengthening your core and back muscles as well. They are also easy to administer as they don’t require any equipment or even a visit to the gym.

Lie on your stomach and place your hands on the ground, in in-line with your shoulders.

Now push your body up using your hands and straighten your legs underneath and tense your stomach, stay there for 2 seconds.

Lower your body to the ground by bending your arms and then come back up. You can repeat this movement as many times as you like. Push-ups are also modifiable, depending on what’s comfortable for you.

If you some joint issues, you can even do them by lowering your knees to the ground in order to reduce the pressure on your joints. Regular push-ups are one of the best prevention techniques for sagging breasts.

3.  T-Planks


A t-plank, better known as the front plank, is a great exercise to strengthen your overall body and tighten your belly.

It can also help you achieve a firm and bigger butt. It is effective and safe because it uses only your own body weight to increase strength in your arms, chest, back, legs, and abdomen.

However, if you want to take things up a notch, you can always add a few dumbbells to push yourself to the extreme. A T-plank is performed by holding the body in a push-up position. Your legs can be spread wider than in a push-up in order to improve balance and increase stability.

The next thing you do is lift your right arm and, while turning your body in the same direction, lift it up and over your head.

Keep a steady hold of your weight on the other hand for around 10 seconds and then reset back to plank position. Repeat this movement with your left hand and complete the rep.

With practice, a plank gets easier to perform, and if you feel like you are ready for the challenge, you can lift your alternate leg in the air while you lift an arm p to further test your balance and core strength.

4.  Bench Press

bench press

Sagging breasts are best prevented by regular reps of bench presses.

This exercise is specially designed for improving the appearance of your breasts and making them firmer and more lifted.

The bench press directly targets the pectoral muscle, which is located exactly under the breast tissue. The main cause behind sagging breasts is a weak pectoral muscle, and bench presses target exactly that.

In order to perform a bench press, you need a bench or a swiss ball and one dumbbell for each hand.

Lie on your back and raise the dumbbells directly above your chest. Hold for two seconds, and then bring them down to your sides while straightening your arms.

Repeat this movement around ten times in the beginning, and you will soon begin to feel the strength in the muscles surrounding your chest.

5.  Dumbbell Fly

dumbell fly

A dumbbell fly is similar to a bench press in many aspects. You need a bench and a couple of weights to perform this exercise.

Begin by lying down on the bench with your face facing the ceiling and your knees bent. Hold one dumbbell in each hand and straighten your arms directly above your chest. Without straightening them fully, bring the dumbbells down to your chest again, bending your elbows.

Make sure that the weights are aligned with your chest because otherwise there is no point in aiming this exercise at strengthening your chest muscles.

You can repeat this movement ten times in the start and slowly build upon the number of reps as you begin to develop more strength.

6.  Wall Push

wall push exercise

Perhaps the easiest exercise and the one that requires the least amount of effort is the wall push. Literally, all you have to do is stand in front of a wall and use one hand to push it with all your force.

Make sure that you apply the pressure on your chest muscles. This can only be done if the placement of your hand on the wall is aligned with your chest.

If yes, this exercise is a highly effective way of strengthening the pectoral muscle and prevent sagging breasts in the future.

All you have to do is use one hand to lean against the wall and apply pressure for around 10 seconds. Release the pressure and take a breather for a few seconds before using the other hand to repeat the same procedure.

You can do this for up to 10 times, depending on your own strength and motivation.


It would not be an understatement to say that the breasts are the most important part of a woman’s body. Having said that, with old age, our body undergoes many changes. Therefore it causes great distress for many women when their breasts begin to sag.

In order to prevent this is the future; you need to take action today! Start including 10-15 minutes of the exercises mentioned above in your daily routine.

These few minutes every day will be what you look back on later, and thank you for taking the initiative. Commitment and motivation goes a long way and it is needless to say that it is always better to be safe than sorry.

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