Dr Reckeweg R59 Drops Unbiased Review

Dr Reckeweg R59 drop is a German made product. It is an iodized combination that burns fat and is available for Indian consumer body through various outlets.

R59 is a proprietary homeopathic medicine for treating obesity and is manufactured by a renowned establishment.

It is recommended to the people with innate ability to put on weight due to irregular hormonal activities and glandular secretion. Homeopathy practitioners also recommend this medicine to combat incipient goitre.

Weight problems are often connected to the excess accumulation of body fat. Apart from its negative emotional impact, this gradually damages your health and causes chronic ailments. Some of these ailments are insomnia, type II diabetes, cancer, cardiac issues and others. It might sound obvious but the most common cause of obesity is the habit of taking more calories and fats than one can burn. Consistently exposing your diet to unhealthy food leads to obesity.

There are other common problems that could lead to obesity; genetic susceptibility and sedentary lifestyle, to name a few.

How can Dr Reckeweg R59 help?

Dr Reckeweg R59 is a proprietary blend of several homeopathic herbs. It has herbs like fucus vesiculous, calcium carb and others. Out of many capabilities, this blend is effective at controlling the initial development of goiter.

The key ingredients of Dr Reckeweg R59 are Hahnem D12, Calcium carb, Graphites D2, Natrium Sulfuric, Spongia D3, Croton tiglium and Fucus vesiculous, with other supplementary ingredients.

If we dissect functions of R59’s ingredients, it becomes apparent why it is effective at such a large spectrum of ailments. Graphite’s, Calcium carb and Natrium sulfuric stimulate the functioning of the liver.

Corto tiglium acts as a stimulant and improves functions of the intestine.

Fucus vesiculous and Spongia stimulates the thyroid glands and fixes its functions.

The R59’s package comes in 22 ML sealed bottled and clearly flashes Made in Germany sign.

This product has proven its mettle across the globe. It has drawn favorable reviews from both the practitioners and patients from all over the world.

The most common feedback from customers are in the following areas, improvement in the digestion and diuretic action, boost in the energy level and drop in the overall weariness. Also, with all the other benefits, an apparent and noticeable change in the weight. 

It has a very simple yet effective method that helps the body to act against the irregular hormonal secretions, body’s ailing metabolism and other diseases that might subsequently hinder the weight loss process.

Its therapeutic action reactivates metabolism at the tissue level and normalizes thyroid functions by eliminating excess water retention.

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How does Dr Reckeweg R59 work?

Homeopathy works by boosting the self-healing powers of the body.

So body fights all the ailments by itself. It improves the immunity and fixes the hormonal and glandular disorders.

The pharmaceutical properties of R59’s ingredients complement each other and attack these hormonal and glandular disorders. This subsequently fixes the individual symptoms and illnesses.

As per the manufacturer of R59, this medicine balances the abnormal secretions and aims two organs at large, liver and thyroid glands.

If a liver malfunctions, it can cause severe digestion problems including a disorder in bile juice secretion.

This may result in an excess amount of fat. Similarly, the imbalanced thyroid glands can cause severe unidirectional weight gain and there are times when it is impossible to stop it.

A considerable amount of people do suffer from thyroid imbalance due to which obesity comes as a byproduct. R59 controls this imbalance and helps the person to reverse the process.

Having said that most common misconception about r59 is that most of them think, this medicine does not require a diet plan.

Well let me tell you that is absolutely wrong. Yesterday I was just reading some article online about Reckeweg and that review had concluded saying Reckeweg doesn’t work.

Let me ask, what diet was being followed to derive the end results. Do go by such fake reviews.

Understand the product read and research more on it and then take a wise decision.

Remember things that act fast tends to give more side effects than the things that are gradual.

The idea behind using Reckewegs R59 is to strengthen the immune system and let your body do the fat assimilation. Therefore the results are not instant and you would need to consume this for a very long time until your body balances the abnormalities.

A perfectly planned healthy diet would add up to the weight loss process.

Reckewegs R59 naturally activates the body’s metabolism to fasten the process of digestion.

Through functional stimulation of thyroid gland, intestine and liver, it strengthens the overall metabolism of the body and over time provides efficient results. It is also known to have a considerable effect on blood and lymphatic gland.

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When do you need Dr Reckeweg R59?

People with a body mass index (BMI) of 25-29.9 are considered overweight, and anything above 30 is considered obese.

If you have your BMI more than 25, it’s a good idea to consult a homeopathy practitioner to start your fight against overweight.

The standard process usually starts with analyzing the complete medical history of the person, followed by recommendations.

It’s not a secret that overweight and obesity increases the risk of many diseases. Cardiac issues, blood pressure, high cholesterol, gallbladder stones, sleep apnea and many other chronic issues.

It is a smart choice to fight back obesity at its early stages, otherwise, you could suffer from other subsequent issues.

It should also be noticed that with time, the tendency and the will to fight back obesity decreases due to the emotional trauma it inflicts on an individual.

Doctors recommend to regularly exercise and put various kind of physical activities in the daily routine to keep the body fit. At the same time, we cannot ignore the people with disabilities, who cannot participate in physical activities.

Such individuals overtime could gain weight and suffer from obesity and its subsequent ill effects.

It’s advised for the people who are going through temporary/permanent disabilities to try R59 and maintain an ideal body weight with little or no physical activities.

People should keep in mind that R59 should only be taken if prescribed by a professional homeopathy practitioner.

Homeopathic Doctors are the right source for medicine recommendations. The sole reason is that R59 is usually coupled with other complementary medicines, as per the individual’s condition, to tackle the specific challenges of their body. (More on this on ‘Additional Medicines with R59’ section).

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Dr Reckeweg R59 Dosage

According to homeopathy practitioners, the dosage varies from person to person depending on their age and the severity of their suffering. Usually, it is recommended 2-3 times per day. But for acute cases, it is recommended 4-5 times in a day. Every dose should be between 10-15 drops in a quarter of a glass of water.

In the initial days (5-6 days), use it frequently and with high dosage, and gradually bring down the dosage.

In case of children, 2-3 times in a day is enough with a daily cap of 8-10 drops. Children with a severe case of obesity can take the higher dosage but under a licensed homeopathy practitioner.  
The R59’s dosage should be taken before meals with water. The other solvent might be recommended by your doctor as per your condition. Also, the medicines that are recommended for external use should be gently rubbed until absorbed by the affected area.

Additional Medicines with R59

There are certain medicines that multiply the effect of R59 if they are added to it. Some of the famous blends are R29 which is mixed to stimulate the renal functions. There is R40 for weight loss specifically for diabetic customers. R2 for people with cardiac weakness and R31 for people suffering from Chlorosis (iron deficiency).

Precautions when on R59

  • Not just R59, all the homeopathic medicines should be stored at a constant temperature and be kept out of direct light/sunlight.
  • The recommended storage temperature is 30-degree Celsius.
  • Being a natural medicine, the product might form a cloudy precipitation. This is normal and does not indicate the quality or the effectiveness of the product.
  • Shake the product before its use.
  • Once the seal of the product is broken, the medicine must be consumed within the recommended
  • Keep your medicines away from children.


Opting for Dr. Reckeweg R59 for weight loss is a wise move. But if you are not ready to make dietary changes nothing will work.

When on R59 medication, avoid the intake of excess carbs and unhealthy oils. You can opt for Zero oil food or go for juicing diet for few days.

Juicing diet does not mean you stay only on juices but you also consume raw organic veggies in form of Smoothies.

Furthermore, R59 must be avoided if the patient develops hypersensitivity to any of its ingredients. Also, unless prescribed by a doctor, it must be avoided during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Effectiveness Score: 3.5/5

Expected results: 2/5 as it takes extremely long as it adopts a holistic approach

Boosts Metabolism: 4/5

Suppresses Appetite: 3.5/5

Costs: 220 RS/- INR

Quantity: 22 ml liquid in a thick glass bottle

Acts as Complimentary medicine: Yes, it can be used a complimentary medicine for treating Cardiac weakness, Stimulating renal function and chlorosis.

Where to get this: Get it Amazon for discounted rates.

Verdict: Stay away from fake Dr Reckeweg R59 reviews since merely consuming this drop won’t help you to lose weight. There is a lot more to it. Its essential to understand that it only acts as a healing agent or to support the weight loss process.

Diet and exercise depends solely on you.

Eat well, Stay Healthy Stay fit.

Have you tried Reckeweg before, did it produce results for you? Comment below and your experiences.

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