Corona Virus Update: UN to Release $15 Million to help vulnerable countries

It’ll fund national laboratories’ functioning, as well as activities such as tracking the spread of this virus.

The statement came as the World Health Organization (WHO) updated the international threat of this coronavirus epidemic to”quite high” — its high level of risk evaluation. 

The WHO has stated there’s still a prospect if its chain of transmission can be broken.

These significant funds will support our international efforts to reinforce poorer health systems and take care of kids, pregnant women and families.

But speedy and strong action has to be taken to find cases early, isolate and protect individuals who are not infected yet. 

The WHO has called for financial aid of $675 Million for fight against corona-virus. There’s a window of opportunity to contain the spread of this virus if nations take necessary measures.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director-General, stated:” The potential spread of the virus to countries with weaker health systems is one of our biggest concerns. These funds will help support these countries get ready for detecting and isolating cases, protecting their health workers, and treating patients with dignity and appropriate care. This will help us save lives and push back the virus”

Sudden increase of corona virus infected individuals in Islamic Republic of Iran, Italy and the Republic of Korea are concerning.  There are cases reported even from countries like Austria, Croatia, Algeria, Spain and Switzerland to Italy.

Having said that, there are limited evidence that support easy transmission of virus. There is currently no evidence that supports the fact that corona virus is spreading freely. So long as that is true, we have a chance of containing it.

This grant in the UN’s Emergency Fund can help nations with fragile health systems improve their detection and response operations.  It has the capacity to save the lives of tens of thousands of vulnerable men and women.

UNICEF is leading on activities in communities supplying health care and hygiene kits and tracking the effect of the epidemic.

This is a crucial juncture in the outbreak.  The focus is on conducting outbreak analyses to identify contacts containing COVID-19 by surveillance and implementing measures to stop spread.

Credit & Source: WHO

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