Benefits of Green Tea (Video)

Green tea is a popular replacement for conventional tea. This amazing drink is popular amongst modern day dieticians, having said that our ancestors realized the benefits far before modern science findings.

If you look at an average Chinese they live longer than the Indians and one of the most common habits found amongst them was green tea consumption.[quads id=1]

Therefore I have tried to compile a video on benefits of green tea.

In this video you will learn:

  • Green tea a medicine
  • How green tea is better than Black tea
  • Green a natural weight loss
  • Green Tea for diabetes
  • Green tea for healthy heart
  • Green tea benefits on Skin

To get the above benefits you don’t need to drink glasses of green Tea (This will give adverse side effects).

Only two cups of green tea a day is more than sufficient and remember as I always say, with natural remedies it takes time so please give it some time and be disciplined and patient. The results will be sustainable for sure.


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