Author: Hemant Sarkar

Benefits of Green Tea (Video)

Green tea is a popular replacement for conventional tea. This amazing drink is popular amongst modern day dieticians, having said that our ancestors realized the benefits far before modern science findings. If you look at an average Chinese they live longer than the Indians and one of the most common habits found amongst them was

Top 5 healthiest fruits in the world

Fruits are important for one’s survival, No fruits in diet equals to guaranteed shortened  life span. Therefore its recommended one should have at least one fruit a day to keep your body happy. Here is another quick video on top 5 healthiest fruits in the world. In this video you will learn about: Peaches and

Benefits of coconut water (Video)

We all consume coconut water at some point of time in our life mostly when we are sick or suffering from any ailments. What if consumed it daily? Coconut water can literally transform your body where fat assimilation would never be a problem Below is the shot video from Fat Loss Planner that shows how